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  1. I started getting this skin problem from last winter.

    Fist white patches come & skin on patches turns wrinkled & dry.

    Simultaneously hair on patched skin starts falling.

    Also frequently i get small boils each boil on skin hair root

    all over body & these boils burn & itch.

    I never had pimples or boils in my life .

    suddenly from last year this started happening.

    Now that white patches had started coming again but with black spots added. This patches don't have any itch or burning.


    Right now patches have appeared on left thigh area near abdomen.


    Last year when first it got started i consulted a dermatologist she gave me supplements of evening primrose & some aloevera solution to apply .

    It did not help.


    After that i consulted a ayurveda doctor he gave me some powder , tablets & Mahamanjistadi kadha.

    After around 3 weeks that boils were cured but that time patches were on my calves behind on both legs.

    patches increased in size Skin become scaley itchy with no hair on skin.

    Seeing this Ayurveda doctor refereed a allopathic doctor.


    Allopathic Doctor prescribed Ebastine 20 tablets, also told to apply liquid paraffin on skin in morning after bath & cotaryl cream before going to bed.

    After 2 weeks i was back to normal but wrinkles remain were the patches came.

    Also allopethic Doctor said it will repeat every year there is no permanent solution for these


    I always feel i am constipated. i used to take triphala churna every two or three days.

    i am 27 yrs old. hight 5.4", Weight 76kg.

    i have no other problem & i don't take any other medications.


    Doctors Please get me out of these

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