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  1. Pranam to all the Astro gurus,


    I have seen many people wear coral in the index finger or white sapphire in the index finger or pearl in the middle or ring finger.under what conditions can one wear these gem stones in fingers in which they are not meant to be worn traditionally?

    Anyone who can suggest on this topic is welcome .


    Yours truly,

    The preacher.


  2. saturn is sitting in your lagna and is the lord of 4th and 5th house which makes it a raj yoga karaka.so ,yes you can wear neelam, it would be beneficial.whether it is neccesary to wear it or not would be known if the degree of shani in the lagna is known .rahu is sitting in the 9th house,the house of fortune and luck ,whose lord is mecury conjucted by venus and ketu and aspested by rahu.so wearing gomed is a no great advantage.

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