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  1. 1. Rember Lord Tirupathi Balaji while chanting this mantra in your heart


    Om Vastakaray Namah ( Jobs,Visa,Interviews)


    2. Rember Goddess Bhagwati while chanting this Mantra


    Om vrihm Waghvadini Bhagwati Mum Karya Sidhi Kari Kari Phut Swaha ( Remove Obstacles )


    3. Lord Sun in your heart if you are tensed at interview..This give tremendous will power and shines your face..The though of Lord Sun glowing in your heart is all u need.

    Remember this is tantra and it has side effects..It make u more angry person..If u start getting more angry that means its working..channel the energy into good..Remeber channeling it to negetive directions has bad effects


    4. Sarv Badha Vinirmuktho dhan dhanya sutanvit Manushyo Mat Prasade Bhaviysha ti na samshahye.

    ( For Progress & stability in current job or business)



    Dear Haritha,


    Thank you for starting this post and asking about this mantra, and congratulations on your new job! Did you also go to the Ganesh Temple daily for 21 days as suggested by Srimbs? Thank you for mentioning the other mantra you used to chant as well! Is there a specific way to chant these mantras?


    Dear Srimbs,


    Thank you for your kind guidance regarding the mantras for job!

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