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  1. Namastey,

    My niece lives in canada and has not got married if some one on the group could please help by giving any advice on her birth chart or any other way I will be grateful.




    Time :21.34(Canada Time)

    Place of Birth:Mississauga, Toronto,Canada.



  2. Namastey jee and rishivatsyan,

    Thanks for taking time to reply, yes its not the end of the world, but it does seem so when you are having a panic attack, unfortunately this is a medical condition cos of the brain cyst, and the meds to control arent helping much but just making me physically weak, but will keep my faith and keep the struggle of life,thankfully got the love of wonderful husband to keep going.

    I will do the japa am starting right away.

    thanks once again.



  3. Namastey,

    Ever since I have moved to UK after getting married, i have suffered a lot of problems at work, despite constant complaints to the management they just turned around and said they find fault with me than with others, I have always suffered from depression, panic attacks,seilepsy and get scared, hathis made others at work place bully me a lot, finally now we have lodged a formal complaint and the management has decided to meet me, but am very scared to attend, I also suffer from tremors(cos of a brain cyst) could you all please pray I get strength and that things go my way and I dont get bullied, I have got a letter from HR already sort of bullying me and this has truly scared me a lot, is there any chant or some fast I could do that can help me....




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