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    Hi Gold,


    Each house can hold 30 degrees. Mercury has moved 29 degrees in sagittarius & Sun just moved out of this house & placed at 1 degree in next house (capricorn).. thou they "appear" to be in different houses, they still are in close proximity & hence mercury is combust.


    Venus has moved 17 deg in Capricorn whereas Sun has moved only 1 deg. So, Thou Venus & Sun appear in the same house, they are NOT in such close proximity & hence Venus is NOT combust.


    But as far as I know, Mercury is exempted from this combust factors in astrology as it'll be close to the Sun in most of the charts. Someone correct me if I am wrong.



    Ok, i get it.


    But then both sun and mercury are in rasi-sandhi as well, making them more powerless.


    According to me combustion is not exempted in the above case. It is close to the sun in many charts and it does give malefic results in those cases.


    Also Sun becomes weak(powerless) along with Mercury being in rasi sandhi which will cancel out any good yogas.


    Would like to see participation of other experienced astrologer.


    Dear experts,


    Let me give the horoscope details so that someone might come fwd to continue this interesting discussion.


    Taurus Lagna

    3rd Place (cancer): Jupiter

    5th place (virgo) : Mars

    6th Place (libra) : Ketu

    8th Place(Sag) : Mercury (combust)

    9th PLace (capricorn) : Sun & Venus (Venus NOT combust)

    10th Place (aquaris): Moon

    11th Place (Pisces): Saturn

    12th Place (Aries): Rahu


    The interesting combination:


    3rd lord moon in 10th place; 10th lord saturn in 11th place; 11the lod Jupiter in 3rd place;


    Can anyone analyse the effects ofthe 3-10-11 interchange?


    venus (as 6th lord) aspects & aspected by Jupiter (as 8th lord); apart from other aspects of the same as 1st & 11th lord. Will 6/8 aspects give any luck to this native?


    seventh lord Mars (also the 12th lord) placed in 5th place aspected by Saturn; venus with sun in 9th apsected by Jupiter (8th lord); how abt married life?


    5th lord Mercury, combust & placed in 8th place aspected by both saturn/Mars; guess its very weak. so what about children & education in this horoscope?



    How can mercury be combust wehen sun is in the next house ?

  3. Namaskar


    If a Taurus ascendant has Jupiter exalted in 3rd house should it be considered as a benefic ? As Jupiter is considered to be the worst malefic for a Taurus ascendant owning 8th and 12th house.


    What will be its effects on :

    1. the native during its dasas/antardasas

    2. the 9th, 7th and 11th house

    3. planets being aspected by jupiter

    4. the 3rd house

    5. overall effect, status of the planet and whether it becomes benefic/malefic/neutral


    Also if yogakaraka saturn is present in the 9th(own house+trine) being aspected and aspecting jupiter for the above case, what results can be seen ?



  4. Hello


    I have recently downloaded this jyotish software: Jagannatha Hora


    I checked about 20 random birth dates and checked the strengths panel.


    All of these had good or awesome yogas (dhan/raj/king/etc)


    Is it like that this software shows only good things ? because i have read about poverty yogas too and couldnt see any. Or is it that all the dates I checked will become kings/businessmen/rich people ?


    If anyone sees a long list of bad yogas or something like that I would like to see a screenshot. Or if anyone can check and let me know.




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