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  1. Dear Sasisekaran,

    Thanks for the interest you are showing in my case.She left home with the childrens on 03.03.08 .She filed the case in majistrate court on 28.04.2009 stating that she was not given the financial freedom from last 10years and she does not intend to stay with me now and needs the maintenance for herself and childrens.I filed the reply petetion on 04.05.2009 stating her to come back.Till now the date of hearing has not come and we are waiting for it.



  2. Dear Sasisekaran,

    I have followed your advice on this wednesday by donating the lighted lamps to the temple, Hope the almighty shows some mercy on me.I am interested to resume my marriage but i am afraid that let the time does not ditch me and take the issue to breaking stage,

    I pray god that let my enemy also not face the problems which i am undergoing through.



  3. Dear Sri Rajshekar Sir,

    Thanks for the reply,Shri Sashishekaran has given the advise and i have followed it on this wednesday.The query from my side was that what is the impact of Sade Sathi on my Simha Rashi,Is this also playing a vital role in disturbing my married life or only the Mercury which is the curse in my horroscope

  4. Dear Sir,

    It was the interference of in-laws and adamence from both sides.I am not interested in breaking but she is.Till what time will my Mercury play the strong role.After completion of Sade Sathi second phase in september will there be any relief.WILL WE REUNITE and WHEN WILL IT HAPPEN.


  5. Dear Sir,

    My name is H G PRAKASH born in MYSORE(Karnataka) at 8.10 AM ON 15-07-1972 and my wife is VIDYA born in MYSORE(Karnataka) at 23.30 Hrs on 21-04-1978.We are seperated from last March-2008. I have 2 childrens.Will we reunite or will this marriage break.Matter has gone upto the court for the Maintenance issue.



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