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  1. Dear Manju ji !!

    I read about your story here and feeling very sad for you.

    But beleive me all that happens is because of some bad karmas done in previous births.

    So i will suggest you to take things with courage rather than loosing hold of yourself.

    Amidst such difficult time i will suggest you to worship lord Hanuman, if possible for you please take a vow to complete 11, 21 or 51 sundarkand path, whichever you feel is possible for you.

    Also while doing path, keep one aasan for lord hanuman as well...

    One advice here is that lord hanumans pooja needs to be performed with complete faith. Also pavitrata is very much neccsary while doing this pooja.


    Trust me, a complete submission to lord hanumanji will remove all hurdles from your life.

    I have experienced this myself and have heard about this from respected people as well.


    I hope all your problems will be solved just by submission to god only.


    Although i cant even imagine how hard it was for you to face all these things in life, but still be a brave daughter of God, he has sent all of us here with some purpose, and thus we should accept the things garcefully .


    Apart from this i guess the respected members will definately help you out in knowing if at all these things in your life are happenig due to horoscope condition any how.


    Jay Hunman ji ki


  2. Namaskar,

    what is pitra dosh?

    in case there is no male progeny in family, who can perform shraddh for ancestor?

    can a girl perform shraddh for her ancestors?

    how many types of shradhs are there?


    please answer my queries.

    i feel we are so much involved in ourselves, that have completely forgotten the duties towards our ancestors.

    so hope this thread will help in awakening and realizing the young generation towards their inbound duties for their ancestors... shradh.

    and this thread will help many like me who dont know how to perform this ritual.

  3. thanks alot for your prediction.

    I too observe people telling me that i get angry very easily, but i feel it happens only when someone excites me, and i usually like the people who are sound in actions but very soft spoken.

    Also as mars in 7th house impacts on relationships, i have seen rarely i can maintain a relationship for long time.. by relationship i mean basically relationship with friends and other people.


    i am waiting for other people replies as well..

    thanks for your reply.

  4. pranam guruji,


    my birth details are

    dd/mm/year: 09/11/1979

    place: vrindavan(U.P.)



    my parents are trying hard but nothing is working out.

    most times, mangal dosh, kaal sarp yog and nadi dosh are told are proposal is denied.

    Please let me know do i really have these doshas, as i have rahu as well with mangal in 7th house in lagna chart.. which is said to cancel the effect of kooja dosh.

    Also whats the time when i can expect a proposal to be finalised.

    Will my marital life will be happy?

    And can i marry a non-mangalik person, due to cancellation of mangal dosh?


    What type of partner will i get?

    Please let know about ur predictions on my kundali.




  5. Namaskar

    i am girl and am facing lot many hurdles in getting married.

    Few jyotishis told that i am mangali, but the mangal dosh is nullified due to auspicious position of other planets in my house (mangal in 7th house in lagna kundali). But at the same time boys side dont consider it as nullified.


    Can you explain me how mangal dosh is nullified in my kundali?

    Also will i ever have a happy married life, as mostly its predicted for me that i will have a very tensed married life and will have inhormonious relationship with my partner.

    My birth details are

    dd/month/year/: 09/11/1979,


    place: vrindavan(U.P.)


    Please help me in knowing if i can marry a non-mangali boy or not, about the type of partner i will get, and about my future married life

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