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  1. Will you KINDLY tell where following quotations are given? they are not given in chaitanya shikshamritam as you are mentioning below.


    Kindly reply.





    portugese version of bhaktivinods chaitanya shikshamritam


    googles english translation: "...Our final conclusion is that Brahma-Jñana is considered pertaining to the fourth category of knowledge perverted on God. Sankaracharya, Astavakra, Dattatreya, Nanak, Kabir, Gorakhnatha, Shivanarayana etc. are considered the teachers of this category. The originary pure knowledge of the sprout of the knowledge The holy ghost is not this Adwaitavada..."


    any1 have the english version?



    as i understand sikhism, the sikh god is not krsna, ram, visnu or siva although these names are used by the sikh gurus as names of their god. when they use these names they refer to their one true formless god 'wahe guru'


    here are some verses from the sikh gurus that are appearantly mayavad, sunyavad & offensive calling ram dust compared to the sikh god, saying krsna & the avatars were created by the sikh god, saying krsna & ram get their power from the sikh god, make fun of sankirtan devotees, & more -->

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