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  1. According to the Indian government, the Kumbha Mela in Haridwar will be held in March and April 2010. That is the official story.

    But the Kumbha Mela really starts with the "Makara Samkranti" festival (when the sun enters Capricorn, which will be on January 14 in 2010), when millions of pilgrims and sadhus start arriving in the city.

    The Khumbha Mela officially finishes on the most sacred bathing day which will be on April 14, 2010.

    So the Kumbha Mela really lasts at least three months (from mid-January to mid-April).


    try also



    Swami Satyananda Saraswati



    pm me if you want link to this book


    man i got so many books , but im just so lazy to study:)


    also this book by swami muktananda THE PLAY OF CONSCIOUSNESS is very nice i m searching 4 it


    try also



    Swami Satyananda Saraswati



    pm me if you want link to this book


    man i got so many books , but im just so lazy to study:)

    sorry i cant pm u... i m new member tell me which books u hav i will like to know them n i want the link to kundalini tantra by swami satyananda saraswati my email is coolsurprise@live.com




    you'd better look for the Guru first who can guide you on the path.

    first you gotta be determined...

    the simplest of all is practice Kundalini Yoga, which is rarely available in easily available Gurus... this is the tough path pal...i'm too practicing the Kundalini Yoga...


    first be dermined why ??? when??? what does it worth??? what you can do for it???


    the first of all the rules is Celibacy, can U do it ...then jump over.Just don't let yourself into the revery. Be prepared to renounce the bad things in you deep rooted....




    keep on hitting here.... i'm here... and i can guide you to the real person who has awakened the Sahashrara Chakra and can relate anyone to this...


    so do u know a person who has awakened the sahasrar chakra can u pls tell me i m in search of a guru my email is coolsurprise@live.com pls help me

  5. Once while practising meditation on ajna chakra i got my kundalini awakened for a short period of time [kundalini awakened till the chakra above ajna it was like a big eye n then it went to its regular abode]


    Once opening the door ..in the afternoon time ...the house other than i stay ..suddenly like a flash two times ..just like an electric current passing thru a wire occured till the top of the head running thru base of spine ..which i think must be kundalini energy


    Another instance is that when i was at my other home sitting on the floor operating my computer ...my left part of the back became cool for a moment from bottom of spine to top ..which i think was something related with ida nadi


    My younger brother bought HANUMAN KAVACH from TV ..when it came in our home it was in another room n i dunt know what was happening there.. a man had come taking it.. i was coming home n i saw it from other side suddenly after sometime when i was in home i felt energy energy all over ..in my whole body ..n all the surroundings ..this experience lasted i think for 3 minutes or so ..i dunt go to any particular temple regularly only sometimes


    Once i downloaded Tibetan Incantations OM MANI PADME HUM mantra song from net ..n when i heard it for first or the second time i got the feeling of energy all over my body


    Then i came to know that i became attuned to OM MANI PADME HUM mantra but i dunno about the HANUMAN KAVACH ..but as far as my knowledge goes i also became attuned to HANUMAN KAVACH just like the OM MANI PADME HUM mantra


    One day at nearly 8pm i was taking round in home.. in a passage ..suddenly the floor beneath me turned like waves of energy where i was walking just 4 a moment just like the waves in krazzy 4 item song


    These are my experiences till date Thank You for reading


    I have a very serious problem

    from 2 years from now i had visualisations of my chakras opening but after that my whole body gets heated more and i started to sweat more, my problem now is tat i sweat in my legs more, its embarassing to see my pants wet in the public.


    now for the past 3 months, my hands automatically make mudras, most of them are apan mudra and gyan mudra, i dont know wats hapening to me,

    i went to a skin doctor and he prescribed me propranolol and methylcobalamine tablets, but its still not releiving my sweat problem.

    please tell me wats happening and get me out of this situation...



    i have read in a book abt kundalini awakening tht when it is showing its signs of awakening or the process is going on we shud not take medicine as it is kundalini doing all the things ..shes purifying our system




    It's hard to tell what fits to you. But, the bast way to activate mooladhara chakra is, that you first activate ajna chakra (names for ajna chakra are also: 7th chakra, guru chakra, third eye, command center, gyana chakshu, triveni, wisdom eye and Shivas eye). Ayna and mooladhara chakra are somehow connected, that meens, that when you activating ajna chakra, mooladhara chakra is activating too. Why it is good that you first activate ajna chakra? Because you will understand what is happening in you. Very good techniqu is trataka and jala neti kriya. Sure there are others, but these are tehchniqus that are very strong and resoults can be achived and seen very quickly!


    And, when ajna is activated, your progres will be much qickly with other chakras!


    Ajna is center where intuition and wisdom are developed. Concentration become much higher and so on.


    i also practised meditation on ajna chakra n trataka i got my kundalini awakened for a short period of time but now i fear to do it bcoz it can lead to any insane thing if not dun properly without a guru :)

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