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    IHR’s New Offering Tourist Map and Visual Circuits of India
    IndiaHotelReview - Known for its innovative offering of online travel solutions and exciting range of packages, www IndiaHotelReview com has come out with yet another arrow from its quiver to help the tourists in charting out their travel itineraries.
    Termed as Visual Tourist Circuits they are all set to simplify the travel blues of travelers.
    Commenting on the launch of visual circuits the Business Head of IHR Mr. Ankit Rastogi said that these additions are one in the series of steps of making IHR catch the nerve of travelers.
    Ankit stressed “Inspite of hordes of travel sites dotting the worldwide web, I could not find a single that has a visual circuit that helps people
    gauge distances as well as show the physical location of the places as in maps. People who travel have two choices either to follow the maps of Google and the likes that show the physical locations but no distances or the distance charts which show the distance between places but with no clue of their geographical locations.
    IHR primarily addresses these two areas and tries to bridge the gap.
    Elaborating farther he said “the visual circuits as envisaged and drawn by IHR are made after a meticulous research, as a result we have come out with a circuit that is friendly, comprehensible and covers the most popular places of a particular area irrespective of the state barriers.
    For example our Gujarat circuit moves beyond the state frontiers to cover Daman and Diu both Union Territories as well. Also we have projected the most common routes irrespective of whether they pass through a hilly terrain or difficult stretch a serious putdown for wannabe travelers.”
    On the concluding note he said:“We have already prepared visual circuits comprising Kochi, Gujarat,Corbett and
    Shirdi (www indiahotelreview com / travel-guide /shirdi /overview-of-shirdi-107-0.htm)
    - the 4 most sought after tourist destinations.
    We plan to cover whole of India with such interesting circuits. In the offing are a Buddhist circuit of central India, a Konkan circuit comprising places in Goa and Maharashtra and a Jammu & Kashmir hill stations and pilgrimage circuit. Our bags are full. ''

    Visual shOrt Sir Cute (Circuit)- r hit beHaL
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