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    Rahu and ketu astronomically speaking are the eclipses formed by sun and moon shadows. They are chaya grahas(shadow planets).means they are not planet at all, But virtually they are believed to be so. Rahu in certain cases are regarded as Rudra form of lord Shiva.

    Since they are shadows they wont reflect. All soul needs light to generate energy.So under rahu or ketu u r lack of light u r in dark. so there is no concept of reflection.Only if other planet aspect it

    the dark gets light and U find a path. If its inner light u talk about moksha - thats kethu.if its outer - u find advance ment- thats rahu.so in astrological term, there is no aspect for rahu or ketu.


    Thank u


    Don't mind my saying this but what you say is not exactly correct.


    Astronomically speaking Rahu/Ketu are formed by the intersection of the orbital planes of the Sun and Moon. When two planets intersect they describe a line. When the Moon in its orbit goes from below (south) the plane of the Sun to above (north) the plane of the Sun that is called the ascending node of the Moon aka Rahu. And when she goes from above the plane of the Sun to below it that point is called the descending Node of the Moon aka Ketu.


    Get a good book on spherical astronomy (like Robin M. Green's text book Spherical Astronomy) to get more details.


    Dear all,


    If I am right then Rahu and Ketu have no drishti/aspects in vedic astrology, am I right here? If they have then what houses that aspect? Thanks



    If you check all the classics of Vedic astrology you will find that when it comes to Rahu and Ketu there is simply no consensus of opinion regarding there drishti, nicu/uca sthans, svakshetra, mulatrikona, etc.


    In my experience I have found that for Rahu-Ketu there is only the effect of conjunction. This can be easily tested by emperically observing the effect of these planets as they transit through a person's horoscope.


    So far by emperical examination I have yet to see any effect of "aspect" from these grahas except when they conjoin another planet or lagna during transit. However, I am more than open to any evidence to the contrary as I have not closed myself on this yet. More work needs to be done in examining the effects during transits to see if anything happens in other locations. But it becomes very obvious when they conjoin a sensitive spot in your chart like lagna, Moon, lagna lord etc.


    Try it and you will see what I mean.




    u indicated the exact...


    what u said about rahu's aspects is according to BPHS...


    there are no contradictory thoughts..


    thats so obvious... ketu doesnt have a head/eyes.....


    rahu does ....


    hope rishi rahul ji answered ur other question....





    Exactly where in BPHS?


    Do i have a kalsarp dosha,

    My birth date is 23rd june 1982

    My birth time is 8.00 am in the morning

    My birth place is borivali(Mumbai)



    Kalasarpa yoga is a bogus yoga, it doesn't exist. See:



    Many astrologers use it to scare people and then to get money from them to do pujas etc.


    this is first answer in the entire forum which i feel exact not i feel, "this is the exact answer".but at the same time i am not in a side that jyotish can predict about black magic.it can predict only the position of planets.that is nav grah or unki dasha.and if a person is victim of black magic along with "neech navgrah dasha" jyotish will blame only planets for that.is there any another way other than jyotish for a victim that this is a black magic or not.


    It is a little difficult to understand what you are trying to say. However, to one who is expert in Jyotish he can understand everything about Black Magic. There is a text called Prasna Marga which is much revered in Kerala I referred to an article in a previous text which talks about this book.


    Anyway in Prasna Marga chapter 15 it gives exact steps how to determine if a person has been attacked by Black Magic or not. If yes was it by Maha Abhichara or Kshudra Abhicara (incantations or using evil talismans), how did it happen, who is the enemy who is the mantric who did the deed, why did they do it, etc etc and most important how to remove it.


    I am victim of Black Magic/ghost Spells and wish to go to Balaji Temple at Mehendipur in June. Balaji Temple at Mahendipur is known as powerful place for removing black magic or possession of evil spirits. I have learnt that there are certain pujas/offerings to be performed in the required order to get the release from black magic/ghosts spells. People who go there without knowing the exact procedure, waste their time in finding it or get confused. Besides, the local people can misleads the new visitors.


    Since I am a first time visitor of this Balaji Temple, I request to all those who visited this temple and knew the correct procedure of the pujas/offerings, to give some details/advise about it.


    Like me, there are many who are victims of the black magic and regularly visit this forum, will be benefited by your valuable advise.




    Why are you so sure it is Black Magic? I do believe in BM but all bad things are not caused by BM. Could just be BK - Bad Karma. Hence my question, what leads you think that it is Black Magic?


    actually everyone is demanding help in the form.but no one is getting proper help here.always a question raised here that black magic exists or not.now can we get an answer here how many people thinks black magic exists and how many thinks all that a rubbish.

    Maha Abhichara and Kshudra Abhicara. Abhicara definitely exists. However, in my experience in many most cases when a person thinks they are being attacked by Abhicara it usually is not but rather just their own bad karma coming to haunt them. There is however a way to detect via jyotish if the person is actually being attacked by Abhicara, this is detailed in Prasna Marga.


    Here is a good article about Prasna tinyurl.com/44s6d


    that is very true kc is very hard at times, cause there will alway be a oull from the material world.


    here a question though an astrologer once told me that the reason why my life is so hard is cause i only pray to sri krsna and not really the other gods is this true??????



    Change your astrologer.


    hi ram_bhakt ..


    i had a question, if one is a female and her ishta devta is hanuman ji .. can she still worship him as her ishta devta?


    This whole concept of choosing Isthadevata used in Jaimini is bogus. It is meant as a tool for predicting what a person’s ishthadevata will be and in that it falls very flat. To then use it to choose an ishtadevata is pure foolishness.

    Isthadevata is the devata that you have a natural attraction for that is something you only can feel.

    I know many people who have great devotion to their Ishtadevata and it is not even one of the Jaimini options. This feature of Jaimini is greatly flawed and should not be taken literally. Especially by amateurs who do cook book astrology.

    You can check to see that it is bogus by simply going to many people and asking what their ishtadevata is and then checking their chart via Jaimini method and you find that it almost always wrong. For example here in South India the vast majority of people have as their isthadevata Balaji who is massively popular and the most popular temple in ALL of India. To say that He is greatly beloved by masses would be an understatement. I know many people who go on pilgrimage monthly to have darshan. But if you check their chart via Jaimini Balaji or any Visnu incarnation will seldom be their isthadevata, only by chance does it fall as Visnu. So this system simply doesn’t work.

    You can of course try to predict their isthadevata using Jaimini, and again you will come up wrong 90% of the time. A system that can’t even get it right 50% is useless what to speak of less than 10% of the time.



    So it is then the last word in foolishness to decide the path of your spiritual life, of who you will personally worship via this bogus method. Whoever has popularized it has done a great diservice.


    I given up KC.


    I have realized I am just a normal Hindu and should have listened to my parents as they are my Guru. I should never have accepted Guru.


    If I'd listened to my parents I would been happier.


    I know Krishna is God, but I'm still a normal every day Hindu.


    Jai Sri Ram


    So why are you telling us?


    How do I figure if I have Kaalsarp dosha. I have Rahu and Moon in the 3rd House and Ketu in 9. Does this mean that I have Kaal Sarp. One of the knowledgeable guru in this board mentioned that I have kaal sarp (from life experiences, I do feel that I have all the signs of being effected by Kaal Sarp) but they also mentioned all planets need to between Rahu and Ketu...although in my chart I have planets in 12th house as well.


    For reference - DOB - April 18, 1964, Bhiwani, Haryana, Time : 7:20 AM (approx).


    I am having tough time with jobs and I have lost my career direction. I need help and advise.


    Thank you so much.

    Kalasarpa yoga is a a popular misconception used to scare people into getting remedial measures done, see tinyurl.com/33ek39 if you can't access that go to


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