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  1. Namaskaram,


    I am seeking advice and guidance from forum members in how to overcome black magic.

    I know that many people put posts like this here, but I am very devote vaishnava, and I am humbly asking for assistance as I feel that I can no longer fight this problem on my own.


    I am 22 year old and live in Australia with my mother.

    We are both from South Africa. In that country there is lot of this black magic. Many people get jealous of me and they do black magic to ruin my success. I have been blessed with good career, and material aspects like house and car, but other ppl don't like to see that...namely relatives.


    Both my mother and I experience range of physical problems because of black magic. These problems appear suddenly and doctors do not know cause. When I recite mantras for protecting my mother, her pains go away.

    However, there is nobody to do this for me.


    For past 7 years I have had bad skin condition that only affects my face.

    It leaves bad brown marks in pattern of lines around my face. Once again, doctors cannot help. I have been to India several times, making pilgrimage to Sri Rangam and Ahobilam, and Melkottai but despite my efforts, nothing has helped with this.

    I am sorry to waste time on this forum, but living in the West, one's appearance makes a big impression on how much we can succeed at our career. I am not a superficial person, but this problem has just gotten worse, and it has crippled my self-confidence. I am pleading for help and guidance as I am on the verge of suicidal thoughts....please help or e-mail me at rhinoz@hotmail.com

  2. Namaskaram... Effects of evil eye do exist. Often referred to as Drishti and usually affect certain individuals more so than others. There are number of ways to remove, depending on the person. Here are one or two that I know of :


    [1] Take fist of rough sea salt and turn 3 times clockwise around the affected person. Then leave in small bowel of water and make sure that person does not look the same bowel.

    By time salt disappears, effect should be reduced or gone.


    [2] Take half a coconut, 1 broomstick and piece of camphor.

    Light the camphor on coconut, and turn around affected person 3 times clockwise fashion with broomstick. After doing this, take the coconut and broomstick and leave in a junction of 3 roads [choose area that you do not drive past daily].


    Hope this is of some help.

  3. Namaskaram,


    Thankyou for your efforts in compiling a resource of all the Kshetrams fo Lord Sri Narasimha Swamy.

    Dasan is a sishya of Ahobilam Matam but lives overseas, and is greatly enthusiastic about various temples of Lord Narasimha. As such, I am also compiling a small directory of Lord Narasimha temples [with info regarding pasttimes, directions, pooja times, contact details and photos], and will post as soon as I have finished to best of my efforts [estimate sometime in may].


    Kshetrams in Andhra Pradesh


    [1] Ahobilam-Nava Narasimha Kshetram near Allagada, Cuddapah Distr of AP


    [2] Yadagirigutta - Pancha Narasimha Khetram, Bhongir, near Hyderabad, AP


    [3] Managala Giri - Paanakala Narasimha [who drinks sugar water], near Vijayawada, AP


    [4] Antarvedi Lakshmi Narasimha - East Godavari, AP


    [5] Singarayakonda - AP


    [6] Simhachalam - Visakhpatnam, AP


    [7] Mattapali Sri lakshmi Narasimha Swamy - Nalgonda District, AP


    [8] Sri Penusila Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy - Nellore, AP [Above Chennai]


    [9] Puttakonda Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy - Puttakonda, East of Vijayawada


    [10] Sri Kadiri Kshetram - Anantapur, AP


    [11] Pennahobilam - Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy, Anantapur, AP


    [12] Nimbachalam - Sri Nimbadri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy, Limbadri Gutta, Nizambad Distr, Near Hyderabad, AP


    [13] Someswara Lakshmi Narasimha Temple - Warangal, AP



    Kshetrams in Karnataka


    [14] Sri Yoga Narasimha Swamy - Melkottai, Near Mysore, Karnataka


    [15] Sri Yoga and Sri Boga Narasimha Swamys - Karnataka


    [16] Sri Guru Narasimha Swamy - Saligramam, Karnataka


    Kshetrams in Tamil Nadu


    [17] Sri Naga Bhooshana Narasimha Swamy - Devar Malai, Kuruni Kulatthupatti, near Trichy (do not know if this temple exists as originally cave structure ???)


    * Pancha Narasimha Kshetrams of Tamil Nadu ,............


    [18] Thirukkuralayur - Sri Ugra Naarasimha Swamy


    [19] Mangai madam - Sri Veera Narasimha Swamy


    [20] Tirunagari - Sri Yoga Narasimha Swamy [behind Kalyana Ranganathar deity]


    [21] Tirunagari - Sri Hiranya vatha Narasimha [outside the temple]


    [22] Thiruvalli - Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy


    [Note - Temples 12 and 16 are under Madhva Sampradayam]


    I update with relevant contact links, and photos, etc. in a fortnight...:)

  4. Namaskaram,


    It depends on the goal(s) of your worship and planned level of service for this murthy.


    If you seek granite/stone deity, then getting a deity from Mayapur will be easiest. Usually one of the devotees at the local ISKCON temple can help you out.


    It is easier to acquire a deity of Ugra Narasimha in the North then South.

    In South India, worship of Ugra Narasimha is in the household is scarce due to fear of repecussions if you make mistakes in pooja, etc.

    Hence Lakshmi-Narasimha Murthy is usually more commonly worshipped form. Brass Deities of this form of Lord Narasimha are easy to acquire in South India.


    If possible, you can also keep Yantra with deity to aid in energizing your pooja. Usually lakshmi-narasimha or (maha)sudarshana yantrams.


    Finally, as a general rule, the height of the deity should not be greater than the distance from the base of your palm to the top of your middle finger.

    It is regarded that if the deity is bigger then this, there will be some difficulties in the household after some time [e.g financial or relationship problems].


    Hope this is of some aid. :)

  5. Hare Krishna. I like to play the harmonium for doing bhajan and having kirtan at home. Am using the "Vaishnava Songs Book" on how to learn and play harmonium. Sadly, however i want like to play "Suddha Bhakata" on the harmonium, but there are no notes for it in the book. Could someone please direct me to a site where I can find harmonium tunes and notes/keys for krishna songs. I would very much greatly appreciate it. Haribol.

  6. Hare Krishna Prabhu. I'm not sure if Bhaktivinoda Thakura actaully said that, but in the Bhagavatam, it is stated that there are various stages or levels of hell for different sins committed. All of which are judged by Yamaraja. Hope I could be of some help.

  7. Hare Krishna. Despite the fact that the "Swaminarayan" culture follows a different sampradaya does not mean that they are fake. Do we say that Christians are fake. There is no mention of Christ in the Bhagavad-Gita or Bhagavatam. So then, we must come to conclusion that best thing to do is respect their beliefs and maintain focus on worshipping Lord Krishna.


    If someone is fake, or claims to be God there is nothing that one can do to stop them, such is the nature of false ego. However, it is not necessarily our place to go and criticise other religions, or sects as well. I am in high school and I see this happening all the time between other students. As devotees of the Lord we must all learn to be more considerate and respectful of others' opinions, even if we do not personally agree with them. All that matters is that you feel that Krishna is supreme, in your heart.

  8. I agree with you Haridham that we should all worship Krishna, but it is also important to respect past traditions and practices. The Lord has various forms and this temple you are talking about seems to be a Ganesh one. As we all know, demigods are partial representations of the Lord and as such, there is nothing wrong in paying one's respects to a demigod, as long as you realise that Krishna is supreme, all is well. Even Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu would often go to temples of Lord Shiva to offer his obeisances. Serving the Lord is important, but serving the servant of the Lord is even mote.

  9. I agree with Priitaa d.d. It seems that in the West, astrology is too commercialized now and it seems to have no real value. Eastern astrology on the otherhand is very much different because it also allows one to understand his past karma and perform any prayers which need to be done to alleviate one's circumstances or overcome obstacles. I feel that there is nothing wrong with eastern astrology as it is but a way of assisting us in ridding ourselves of influence of planets, as in our past karma.

  10. Hare Krishna !!! I am from New Zealand and tomorrow there will be a new temple opening on a farm community in Auckland. I was wondering if the specific processes that are being carried out (such as throwing a pumpkin on the dome of temple, etc) are related to North or South Indian Traditions. I was discussing this with others, and we all came to conclusion that it seems to be very much South Indian, well at least for this temple anywayzz. Wat r ur thoughts ???

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