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  1. Hello Astro102,


    My FIrst Name: Gokul

    LAstname: Medipally Satyanarayana

    Born: 10-10-1982

    time: 8:30 pm on Sunday, Ashtami, Punarvasu Nakshatra

    Place Hyderabad,India

    Current Location: Jersey City, NJ, USA

    I need some consultation regarding my Career . Will I get any job soon. My situation is very unstable.

    I came to know that I have sarpa Dosha, and am in one of the phases of Sade Saati(I am not sure though) .

    I have 2 younger sisters and Father and Mother.


    Everyone is suffering a lot. There is no happiness. Everything I plan becomes a big flop.

    please help me by letting me know about any pujas that i have to do to ease these effects. My mom offered Sarpa dosha nivarana puja and offered silver snake idols to God. Help me out.

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