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  1. Dear Sir,


    Pls analyse my horoscope


    dob:23 may 1975

    tob: 16:40 hrs

    place : kanpur, uttar pradesh


    when will i get married?



    my sister is facing probs in her married life. pls let me know when things will be ok for her . her details are as follows:


    dob: 3rd nov 1972

    tob: 23:55 hrs

    place: faridkot, punjab

  2. my family is in a great turmoil. i lost my father last september who was the only male member in our family. my elder sister has been facing probs in her marriage for the past many years and me who is 33 years of age is still single. my mother stays worried all the time and i also feel depressed and tensed as to why things are not changing for the better. and i also want my mother to be happy and spend atleast few years of her life tension free.


    can somebody help me and tell me when i'll get married and whether my sister will be happy in her marriage some day.


    my birth details are:


    23 may 1975, time- 16:40 hrs, place- kanpur , uar pradesh


    my siser's birh details are:

    3 november 1972, time 23:55 hrs, place- faridkot, punjab


    i will be highly grateful to the one who can thoroughly study these 2 horoscopes and give an answer to my prob



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