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    Aum gurubhyo namah




    dear angel


    any comment on this horoscope has a bearing on the issue of marriage

    of this person. Why have you not seen that saturn is also with ven, sun

    and rahu ?


    pl apply basic priciples first. Then move to the specifics.


    is the person under love ? the person is running rahu/merc/ven period.


    may mother bless all




    namaste sasisekaranji,


    i m not an astrologer ...i just have interest in the subject like many people now-a-days....i posted it to seek your advise on matter of divorce as the person for whom this match has come is my best friend..i dont want her to suffer.


    there is no way to find out if the guy is already in love or married or anything since he resides abroad.


    and with the current scenario of so many frauds going on astrology is the only way that we can get an idea about the person.


    however if you are unwilling to see it ..its ok ...i respect your decision



  2. in this case is it KSY or KAY?


    9 june 1978

    10:55 am



    it shows kulik kalsarpa yog...but if we keep the normal at aries and see the next planet is not rahu or ketu going clockwise


    and in antidirectional way it encounter ketu so is it KAY ...if so will the effect of Kulik KSY not be present does it mean instead of financial crunch he will he get financial gains?

  3. sasisekaran ji ,


    this particular case of horoscope...confuses me i dont see any divorce in it but other do...cud u plz check it and point to me y there is a divorce in it?


    one thing more, this native has venus sun rahu sun in third...i read tht when venus sun cojoin then love for sibblings is present ...however since rahu is present will it alter in any way if so what way?


    cud u plz throw some light on this issue as my friend has got this as a marriage proposal and her family is worried abt this issue- ( divorce, marital abuse , extra marital affairs)...anything else u can tell will be extra help.


    birth details of the boy:-

    25 august 1979

    1:58 am






  4. ksy does exist....and it mostly true...though many recommend remedies as shanti puja etc...i personaly feel no amount of puja can actually remedy any thing tht u r destined to face...it can probably act like a relief to an extenet but not mitigate the evil.


    anywaz...u have vishdhar kaal sarpa yog - this is not tht bad in fact is better than the other types of kaalsarpa yogs.


    it indicates u will travel a lot- never fixed to one place for long. problems may arise due to children ...but later half of life will be very peaceful....so u see nothing drastic. just travelling ...and if u a adventurer then gr8. as for problems with children ..other factors can alter it like posiiton of planets in horoscopes of u and ur wife and of course the child's horoscope on its own too.

  5. i read abt panoti yog in this forum...i m a bit confused and wud be delighted if some guru can enlighten me on this query.




    1. say the person's moon is in 4 deg 20' taurus, so the sade shud begin from 4 deg 20' aries or 0 deg 00' aries.


    2. moon 's position at time of start of sade satti wrt natal moon shud be taken for panoti yog then shud it will be in 3 legs so say we take the sade saati shud begin from 0 ' 00 aries fo the given case then at tht time we take moon's position in sky to decided if tht leg is ok or not...and then when moon enter 0' 00 tarus again moon's position is considered to decided if tht leg of sade saati is gud or not? or is it done only once at the beginning? ...this doubt since sani becomes vakri and moves back to meen rasi too and then comes back aagin to aries so each time it does this shud moon 's posiiton in sky be considered each time to decide the gud or bad cycle of sade saati?





  6. hi,

    i just began trying to predict reading horoscopes...dono if i m on right path or not i m posting my reading on a case plz see and tell me if i m going wrong in

    any way or if i m correct.


    i tried predicting a particular case -


    birth details are as below:-


    9 june 1978

    time = 10.55 am

    place = srikakulam


    in this horoscope :-


    1. the simha lagna has shani and mars, moon in 12th bhaav- karak rasi , rahu in

    2nd house with kulik kaalsarpa yog being



    2. based on this i feel shani is weak in lagna in enemy kshetra and that too

    with enemy mars...so it shud give -ve effects of

    health to native. however since its associated with mars if the result will

    alter or not i m not sure...


    3. the native has mangal in lagan however since its with shani...managal dosh

    will get negated. but shani is weak so will it negate?


    4. kulik kalsarpa yog is present in the native's horoscope - indicating health

    issues and finanical troubles(crisis) . [ this yog is

    in 2nd house so finance troubles ]


    5. moon in 12th house- benefics in 6,8,12 give troubles ...but moon is strong in

    12th so the person will go abroad. ...but will it

    give troubles too?



    kindly tell me if i m going right in my prediction so far and if not wat and y i

    m wrong



  7. btw today monring again i had a weird dream , i saw i was in my house and a big crocodile was there in my house....it was hungry probably and roaming around the house looking for me. my mom and dad were there but it didnt trouble them though i worried it wud...it was coming after me only.



    also today morning my dad saw a young girl in probably black lehenga choli in ur house.he saw she opened the door and went into another room. he was terriffied .


    does this indicate anything?

  8. first of all... i m not upset with anyone... i understand sreeram n sambya both were trying to help me out too.... thanx sant for understanding my situation and suggesting me.


    i m a spiritual person already, i have already mentioned tht....from wat i have read its often easy to get targeted for anyone...and a baba told me it effects more on clean souls as evil too loooks for clean souls to fulfill their desires or tasks.


    going to mandir hasnt solved my problem infact i used to visit shiv mandir and sheetala mandir ever monday before i fell ill....probably tht saved my life.


    i dont believe gods n goddess tgt ppl - so bhairav thing no way! i believe in shivji more than anything...it cant be tht. probably my sould travelled in astral and saw something that was bhairav . as for kali.....no i dont think she can harm me...wheneevr i hear durga kali hyms or listen to the drums in her puja i feel like dancing to it...she cant harm me if thats wat i feel .


    as for going to any baba's and all i dont want to take tht risk since i donno wat i m dealing with exactly....now may u say how iwll i know wat i m dealing with till i go to someone....well most ppl i spoke to seem to be money crazed babas.....as far as i know jyotish an dtantra have a rule of not demanding money. if u demand money u become powerless. both the knowledges are cursed....hence i wud rather see a baba who is geniune , if his solution works i dont have a problem him paying him money but if he demanding money i have problem morever such babas who r geniune are in their own world money shud not matter to them as they dont need it.


    btw if anyone of u can interpret dreams or know someone who can just tell me what i m dealing with wud be gr8.

  9. ok when i fell ill seriously a baba cured me . however , he mentioned that if i came before the lady who cast the spell on me within 3 months , the whole thing will get reversed back and he wont be able to do anything...the lady in question is my bua/chachi ...well so i avoided going before them for 2 months , my bua wud enquire abt me, turn up suddenly i mean she tried everything to see me. one day , she came and rushed to my room, i ddint get time to close the door of my room and she saw me and her face turned pale more like as if she will cry any moment. within 10-15 days again the previous symptoms started and the whole thing came back and i fell so ill i had to be hospitaziled. somehow my friend knew of a person and took me there and then i became normal....during the time i was hospitalized i smelt blood from food and i cudnt eat.


    though my life got saved, it changed totally, i m living since i m alive.

    my health is just not recovering,


    before i fell ill, i was a very good looking girl , now i look straight from graveyard. before there was a marriage proposal, at that time my chachi practically seemd as if she wud have a breakdown. the groom , had gone crazy and insisted on marrying only me, seeing this both bua n chachi were very upset. but the proposal fell thru , i m not upset abt it since i wasnt keen on it, i was praying that it falls thru. but from then on any marriage proposal that comes doesnt go thru ...they plan to come and then it falls thru....i was working i gave my job due to illness and mental harrasment by my boss, it seemed as if everyone was finding faults and suddenly started targeting me only. during the 2 months the scenario had changed to my favour everyhting went gud, but again it back like before. i started doing trading i was making huge money made abt 10 lakhs in 1 year . during this period both cua and chachi didnt know anything abt me doing this, bua wud insist dad marry me off to some peon kind of person . i m a enggineer , they wud pressureize my dad abt things related to me, infact she told my dad tht my mom did some black magic on him leading to his downfall. and i m suffering due to her being bad person. this is crap . my mother is such a pure person that saints tell her she is a very pure soul so pure that she doesnt even need to pray god. when any relatives ahve an function they tell my mother to step into their house first and do the rituals first so they get luck. seeing this my chachi wud be jealous. for her too, things changed , all the people who knew how she was harrassed by bua after marriage suddenly started speaking in bua's favour would taunt my mom and praise chachi, so much so they actually speak ill abt her character . as for my trading from the time they got to know things changed, so much so i lost all my earnings, i went for interviews for job tht didnt work. now the only person left is my sis and now my bua keeps asking abt her the same things she asks abt me . i dont want her to face the same hell i faced


    as for durga puja thing, a person i know's mother gets possessed by the devi. he asked her abt this and she told him someone close to my family has done black magic on me to prevent me from gettin married and settling down in life. so much so that either i will die of illness or life will become hell and i will suicide. if i got married the effect will destroy my marriage too. the only thing thats keeping me alive is the puja tht i had done at the time to durga devi.



    i m disgusted with life, no matter how much i pray , it seems god is not showing me a path to cure my problem. i m losing hope its been 6 years of this struggle and i dont have any strength left to fight it.


    people may say its just luck but i know it not. sometimes i feel probably i should either kill them or kill myself.


    if anyone can help me find a proper geniune solution to my problems plz help me out.


    p.s- another thing we left tht city and shifted , and now the condition is better than before, however my bua visited out place and from then on problems seem to start again. she makes it apoint to come to our place atleast once a year during ganesh chaturthi for past 3 years and calls daily atleast twice to speak to dad,...and dad becomes like a fish taken out of water if he doesnt speak to her...watever she says is right for him now... be it marrying me off to some khalasi, he gets upset at tht point and then he's like she's worried so she gets matches....i fail to undertsand how can he not see wat she's trying to do. we have forgotten wat happeniness is thanx to god knows who.


    if anyone can provide me with geniune help and guidance , i will be highly greatful to that person.


    Do you have any enemy in your life who can do back magic to you?.

    If yes you can take help from some baba who can remove the effect.

    Another thing why you are doing tantrik sdhanas. Tantric sadhanas are not for common man. So stop doing these. And you can not fulfill these without a guru.

    Come out from your dreams. Don’t try to connect the coincidences


    yes many, practically all our relatives are jealous of my mom n dad as they rose in life , and note it that both are very clean of heart , help one and all ...still people are jealous of them. my mom too is keeping continuously ill, her illness increases on amavasya days so i m dead sure its black magic on her. dad was rising in career a lot , suddenly things changed and became very very difficult for him so much so he resigned. his health too has become bad.

  11. actually its not my mind since i think abt these stuff and sleep...also at times i get some dreams that turn true...this used to happen when i did devi puja regularly....however due to weakness i just remmember the divine mother and father in my heart and mind and talk to them in my mind....probably u'll think its mad ....but isnt god everywhere so i can speak to the god in my mind ,scream at them, cry before them , love them ask qustions to them....and i think they answer in their way.


    as for black magic yes i too feel infact 200% confident its been done on me....i guess i need to find a way to stop its effect totally.

  12. i got a 2 mukhi rudraksh and wore it on monday 4 may at 8.30 am....i didnt know the auspicious tithi etc so just on basis of it being dasami i wore it....


    can some knowledgeable perosn tell me if the time i wore is auspicious or not?


    also unknowingly i went to bathroom while wearing the rudraksh ...is it ok? as humanly its quiet difficult to keep taking it ot n nos. of times while attending nature's calls.


    asya shrI shiva kavacha stotra mahAmantrasya

    Rishhabha yogIshvara RishhiH

    anushhTup(h) chhandaH .

    shrI Samba SadAshivo devatA .

    oM bIjam .

    namaH shaktiH .

    shivAyeti kilakam.

    mama Samba SadAshiva prItyarthe japeviniyogaH .



    This is conducted to honor the sage and the spiritual powers behind this mantra. This is also the time to express your specific wishes in the prayer. You take a little water in the right hand and chant the following.


    Aum yogeeshwar rishi anushtup chandah swayam sadashiv rudra devata hraam beejam hreem shaktih hoom keelakam aum bhoor bhuvah swaha dig bandhah sadashiv preetarthe pathe viniyogah


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    Aum Namo Bhagwate Sadaashivaaya, I bow down to that Lord Sadasiva,

    Sakal tatvaatmakaaya, who is that Supreme Truth,

    Sarva mantraswaroopaaya, who is the very form of holy hymns and sacred rites,

    Sarva Yantra Aadhish titaaya, who is beyond all knowledge and truth,

    Sarva Tantra Swaroopaaya, (who is in the form of all magic)

    Sarva Tatva Vidooraaya, (who is just?)

    Brahma Rudra avtaarine

    Neel Kanthaaya

    Paarvati Manohar Priyaaya, who is the incarnation of Brahma and Rudra (blue throat, one who is the loving husband of Parvati)

    som sooryaagni Lochnaaya, Whose very eyes are the Sun, moon and fire

    basmadhu lit vigrahaaya, Who is smeared in white holy ash

    Maha mani mukut Dhaarnaaya, who wears a crown and artless jewellery,

    MANIKYA BHUSHANAYA, Who is studded with diamonds and jewelery

    Shristi Sthithi parlaya Kaal Roudra Avtaaraaya, who is the creator, sustainer and destroyer of the whole universe,

    Dakshadhwar dhwansakaaya, who destroyed Daksha’s sacrifice,

    Mahakalbhednaaya, Who kills the tide of time

    Mooladhaarayek Neelayaya, Who resides alone in the Muladhara

    TatvaaTeetaaya, who transcends the categories of knowledge,

    Gangadharaaya, upon whose head the holy <st1:place st="on">Ganga</st1:place> makes her permanent abode, w

    Sarvadevaadhi devaaya, who is immanent in all beings ???

    Shadashrayaaya, who possesses the six qualities, ????

    Vedaantasaaraaya, who is the truth and essence of philosophy, ????

    trivarga ya, who is the means to attain the three Vargas (Dharma, Artha and <st1:place st="on">Kama</st1:place>),

    Anantha koti brahmaanda naayakaaya, who is the Lord of the worlds ????

    ananta vaasu(hu)ki takshaak karkotak shankha kalikapadma Mahapadmyet-yayti,

    Ashta MahaNaag kul bhooshanaaya, Who wears the eight serpent kings round his neck

    pranav swaroopaaya, Who is the very form of Pranava


    akaashadik swaroopaaya, Who is the embodiment of pure consciousness, whose form is of ether and the directions,

    graha nakshatra maaline, sakalaaya, Who wears a universal necklace of stars, planets and galaxies

    kalankar hitaaya, who is pure and spotless,

    Sakal lokayk karte, who is the preceptor of all the worlds,

    Sakal lokayk karte,

    Sakal lokayk bharte,

    Sakal lokayk sanhartay,

    Sakal lokayk ga(ha)rvay

    Sakal Lokayk saakshini, Who is the supreme witness of the entire universe

    sakal Nigam gruhvaaya,

    Sakal vedaanta paargaaya, Who is the supreme secret of all the Vedas

    sakal Lokayk varpradaaya, Who bestows boons upon his devotees

    Sakal Lokayk Shankaraaya,

    Sakal Daritarti® Bhanjanaya,

    Sakal Jagad Bhayankaraya,

    Shashank shekharaaya,

    Shaasvat nija vaasaaya, and who showers mercy upon the poor and ignorant.

    Nirakaraya, Nirabhaasaaya, Niraa-myaaya, Nirmalaaya, Nirlobhaaya, Nirmohaaya, Nirmardaaya,

    <st1:place st="on">Nish</st1:place> chintaaya, Nira(ha)nkaaraay, Nirahankashaya, Niraakulaaya, Nish Kalankaaya Nirgunaaya,

    <st1:place st="on">Nish</st1:place> kaamaaya,niroopaplavaaya, Nirupadravaya, Nirvadhaaya, Nirantaraaya, Nish Kaarnaaya,

    Niraanta kaaya, <st1:place st="on">Nish</st1:place> prapachaaya, Nih Sangaaya, Nirdwandaaya, Niraadharaya,

    niragaaya, nish krodhaaya, Nirlopaya, Nirgamaaya, <st1:place st="on">Nish</st1:place> paapaaya, Nir bhayaaya,

    Nir Vikalpaaya, Nir Bhedaaya, <st1:place st="on">Nish</st1:place> Kriyaaya, Nistulaaya, Nih Sanshyaaya,

    Niranjanaaya, Niroopamavi-bhavaaya,

    I pray to the all-merciful Lord who is ever pure and all-blissful, who is free from all lust, greed and sorrow, who is bereft of all flaws and qualities, who is devoid of desire, disease, ego and attachment, who is all-pervading, endless and eternal, who is beyond the chains of causes and effects, in whom all pains and pleasures, pride, power and pomp, fears and dangers, sins and sufferings sink and die.

    Nitya Shudha Buddhimakta Paripoorna, Sacchidanandadwaaya,

    I worship Him, who is the embodiment of Pure Consciousness, in whom doubts are dried and actions cease, who is beyond all change, time and destruction, who is full, pure, mute and eternal, who is Satchidananda (Existence-Absolute, Knowledge-Absolute and Bliss-Absolute),

    Param Shaant swaroopaaya, who is the incommunicable place personified,

    Tejo Roopaaya, who is all-effulgence and effulgence embodied,

    Tejo mayaaya, who is the beneficent One, the radiant vision of Infinite Beauty and Beatitude.

    Tejo Adhipata-yay,

    Jay Jay Rudra Mahaa Roudra Bhadraavtaar maha bairav, Kaal bhairav, kalpant bhairav, O my Lord! Victory on Thee. Thou art the incarnation of Rudra, Raudra and Bhadra. Thou art that Mahabhairava, Kalabhairava.

    kapaal maladhar, Thy garlands are the necklaces of skulls

    Khat-Vaanga and Thou holdest the divine weapons Khatvanga,

    CharmaKhangadhar Paashankush skin (Charma),

    damru kar, sword, noose, hook, drum,

    trishoolchaap baan gadaa shakti bhinda paal trident, bow, arrow, club, Sakti (a weapon)

    tomar, musal mudgar paash parigh bhushundee shataghnee, chakradhyay, and the like in Thy hands.

    bheeshan kar sahastra mukh danshtra karaal vadan,

    vikatattahaas visfaarirt, Brahmaanda Mandal,

    O thousand-faced God! Thou art fearful to look at with Thy terrible teeth and Thy pealing laughter pierces through all the worlds.

    Nagendra Kundal, Serpents are Thy ear-rings,

    naagendrahaar, Serpents are garland

    Naagendra valaya, Serpents are bracelets

    naagendra charma dhar, Thou wearest elephant-skin on Thy body.???

    Naagendra Niketan

    Mrityunjaya Trayambak, Thou art the conqueror of death, O three-eyed God!

    Tripuraantak, the destroyer of the three cities,

    Vishwa roop, Thou art all-existent,

    virupaaksha, Immanence of things,


    vrishabha vaahan, Rishaba is Your vehicle


    vishwa tomukh, The world is in your face

    Essence of Peace, and the Supreme Bliss and Silence, O Sambhu! Thou art verily the Brahman of Veda and Vedanta. Thou art all-pervading, ancient and eternal


    Raksh Raksh, mam

    jwal jwal, Prajwal Prajwal Save me, my Lord!

    mahaa mrityu bhayam shamaya, shamaya Dispel my fears from unnatural death and dangers,

    Apa mrityu bhayam naashaaya, naashaaya,

    Roga Bhayam Utsadayot Sadaya

    <s>chor bhay matsaadyot paadaya, </s>

    Vish sarpa bhayam shamaya shamaya,

    Chouraan maaraya maaraya,

    mam shatrun ucchaattaya ucchaattaya, destroy my enemies,

    trishoolen vidaaraya vidaaraaya, with Thy trident and chop them off with the edge of Thy sword.

    kanthaaren bhindhi bhindhi,

    khangen chindhi chindhi,

    khat vaangen, vipudhaya, vipudhaya,

    munsalen nish peshaya nish peshaya ,

    baanou(h) santaadaya santaadaya,

    Raksa rakshaansi bheeshaya bheeshaya

    Ashesh bhootan vidraavaya vidraavaya,

    kush maand Bhoota vetaal, mareech, Brahma raakshasa gannaan santraasaya santraasya,

    Frighten the bands of Betala, Kushmanda and the like with the bow and arrows.

    maam abhayam kuru kuru

    Mama papa(m) Shodhaya Shodaya

    vitrast mam Ashwaasyaa Ashwaasaya,

    narak Mahabhayaan maam uddhar uddhar

    Amrit Kataksha Vikshanen Mam

    Alokya Alokya sanjeevaya, sanjeevaya, Save me from falling into the pit of fearful hell and render me free and fearless

    kshutra bhayaam mam aapyaaya aapyaaya, Cover me with Thy armour and protect me always. I am poor, meek, humble and helpless

    dukh turam maama anandya anandya, I dedicate all at Thy feet and leave myself at Thy disposal.

    shiv kavachen mam aachchhaadaya aachchhaadaya

    HAR HAR mrtunjaya tryanbak sadaashiv ParamShiva namaste namaste Namah

    Thou art my only prop and saviour. O Lord Sadasiva! Mrityunjaya! Tryambaka! Salutations to Thee again and again.

  14. nope ...just the dreams have reduced but i can feel a lot of -ve change in myself ...i m 200% confident its a strong black magic...and somehow the paath has protected me . a sadhaka told me someone is tring to ruin my life totally make me suicide ...i think its true since past cpl of ears suddenl i get this urge to kill myself...but then i think of god n i get this strong power within me to stop.


    its not natural since i know wat i was before...i wish cud find a wa to stop all this.

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