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    I agree that you do not have to worry but point of caution is that at time of marrigae, match the chart with a manglik person. Usually, the marriage takes palce after 28 yrs unless Saturn is involved then tgis time period will change.




    for personal & confidential Qns ask:horoveda@gmail.com



    so how about mine sir ?

  2. Dear respected astro expert,


    recently i have study about indian astrology and found that i am a manglik in my chart . Here is my detail :




    <!-- BEGIN TEMPLATE: bbcode_quote -->Date, place, time of birth :

    female ,8 feb 1980,tangerang indonesia ,19.40 pm


    my city latitude:

    6° 10' 41" S


    and longitude :

    106° 37' 48" E




    i have jupiter and mars in my first house, and i am a leo ascendant, is my manglik status get cancelled?


    when will i meet my soulmate and get married?i haven't have any serious relationship until now. who will be my future husband and how is my marriage life condition?


    and how is my financial condition and career will be?



    if there's anything i should know that i haven't ask,please tell me.




    thank you for the advice..:)

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