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  1. Will you be able to give me a brief reading?




    I do know astrology quite well in predicting certain aspects of material life, and so I can help you if you wish to provide your birth details.


    Howmuch ever I know astrology and my friends say what I say happens, I belive more strongly in Shri Hari and so I never look for myself. Whatever is going to happen is all destined and this is true as how Shri Krishna says to Arjuna about the war. These calculations can only guide someone as to the good and bad time, but can never win over the destiny destined by The Supreme according to each souls.

    So the best way, would be to take things as it comes and progress towards self renunication..

    Surely astrology if properly calculated is nothing but the fate map of the soul, but its only a precaution. The reason why some real learned astrologers suggests prayers is to gain material aspects, but as and when we keep asking material benefits, it only increases our desires and ultimately when there is no end for the desires, the soul keep taking birth after birth.

    So if you want, I can look into ur chart and let you know, but at the same time,I also tell others to surrender themselves to The Supreme to find peacefullness in reality.


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