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    In my opinion, Surya Dasa is running since 2004 for 6Yrs. Surya is in 6th house (enemies…) with Lagna lord Budha indicating more efforts require. Surya is neecha position and in 8th house (loss, death…) in navamsa chart and thus weak. Surya/Budha combination is joined by Jupiter who is profession lord. In general, more efforts then before will be required on your part to achieve something. You may like to offer water to Surya Dev every morning at Sun rise, respect elders and specially father. Wear good quality unheated yellow Topaz in silver ring.


    Hope it helps,




    Sir I have got a job as per your advice I had an interview on tuesday

    I borrowed a ring from a friend of yellow stone it was not topaz though substitute (since I did not had the money to purchase it)when I had gone to give the interview and it had worked though there are a lot of hurdles for what I am looking at but this job has come as a rescue for me gives me a temporary relief

    temporary because it is not in my domain but any how in tough times people are not getting even this one.



    So I am happy to the almighty for the correct advice that I got from you.



    Why I am saying that ring had worked because there were other interviews which I was not able to clear when I was not having any ring.



    Thanks a lot

    Once again

  2. You can try reading this stotra


    I do not know wether it is directly going to help you or not

    and this thread is very old started some where in 2005 so I do not think that the person who started is any more reading it.

  3. Hi

    I am facing some failure after stiff competition and good result inspite of all my efforts I am not able to bring results as desired and some how when I am in a position to have some out put my financial condition is such that I am not able to perform.


    If some one can tell me some worship that can calm down my stressed mind or some mantra which will reduce my problem and help me to get higher education.

    I am not very much aware of mantra etc and astrology either if some one is willing to help I am posting my details here.

    DOB is 28 Nov 1982

    Place Fatehgarh (UP) 27N22 79E38

    Time 19:40

    I am not exaggerating my situation but it is similar to that of Abhimanyu in Mahabharat and I feel alone here only almighty can help me to get out of this situation.




    Many gems are heated to to get better colos and to take away defects that they have. It values /sales for more price. But, in this process in my opinion loose the inherent qualities/properties that they have befor they are mined since they were in the earth for thousands of years and getting cosmic and all forms of energies. Thus I am interested to have you wear a unheated TOPAZ so that you get the good effects. regarding Saturday....Qn: To me every incidence in this Universe is not a coincidence and every incidence although may look even a small has a meaning and has a time to happen.



    I have started doing the said remedies as you said except the Topaz ring since I am not financially sound currently it costed one thousand rupees nearly.

    I had been to market today I some how had managed the courage to purchase but then there were many type of Topaz the shopkeeper showed me one was very very yellow the other ones were lighter in color I feel they were the ones which you have recommended me to wear.I am not sure though.


    Sir It is not possible for me to tell you that what pain I have undergone from Feb 2008 till 4 Sept 2008 not yet ended .There had been tremendous change in my life and a lot of resistance I have faced in terms of a lot of things.My degree was about to finish and land in terms of a rewarding career but some how situations turned in such a way that I am wonderstruck after loosing every thing.


    I am not exaggerating my situation just as in Mahabharat Abhimanyu knew how to go in a chakravyuh but he could not come out similar is my situation and I feel that I will not be able to overcome the situations.


    After a very hard decision I am willing to go for a higher studies abroad a PhD for 5 years I am already facing a very tough competition more than that I am facing the resistance from my financial conditions I am willing to have a small job for a short time by which I can get some savings and go for higher studies I am facing a lot of tough time solving my situations specially in terms of money.


    Please suggest me some thing that makes my studies go smoothly for financial conditions and I am able to find the best possible option when will be a good time to write a GRE exam this year.Dates are given according to the choice of students.So I am asking.




    Sir thanks for your reply.

    Your interpretation is absolutely correct I have to put in a lot of efforts to achieve some thing which has been true in past also in my life from many many experiences.The exam which I had mentioned you I had to put in all sorts of my efforts and took me lots and lots of struggle to overcome them and also one after another problems kept coming in my way. Finally when I was to get the result I missed my target by say 1% i mean

    I got 1% less than what I deserved.The decision at the most important time proved to be wrong. It happened in July 2004 and July 2007.


    I will do the said remedies that you suggested is there any other solution which you wish to be followed that can make the problems decrease and over come the obstacles caused by this planetary combination.


    I want to know what is unheated yellow Topaz I have heard of yellow topaz but not the unheated one.



    Just by my curiosity I wanted to ask some thing may be it looks absurd your reply came on Saturday it has been a thing to observe from past 6 years I observed the fact that any good thing with me happens only on Saturday I mean if I have thought of doing some thing for a long time then on Saturday it surely will happen if I give it a try is Saturn favouring me or any other diety on Saturday good for me.Since your reply also came on Saturday so the belief in me is strengthened.

  6. I have been going through various replies in this thread thought of sharing may be my post is not relevant and can not solve the problem any way since I myself is an ignorant person but many people have tried to tell so reading the replies I am also telling of some thing I was aware


    There is a Hanuman ji temple in Lucknow devotees can send prayers request as letters to Hanuman ji I got this information from these pages http://www.sankatmochan.org/about.asp

    and also http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/1120840.cms and also given here

    read the last paragraph on this page http://neemkarolibaba.com/content/view/521/39/ it was Baba Neeb Karaulis Wish that the letters being sent to Lord be put at his feet. just copy pasting the lines

    "According to Babaji's wish, the priest reads the letters of devotees received from distant places, praying for something, before bed- time at night for fulfillment of their desires. "


    I just had a thought in my mind so thought of sharing.

    Though it is very easy to say I myself do not have any faith.Who knows how God works.

  7. I am myself a gemini with Saturn in 5th house my date of birth is

    my DOB 28- Nov-1982

    Place Fatehgarh (UP)

    Time 19:40

    I am struggling to get a job for past one year I fail in what ever I do any of my effort for myself does not give me any result.The ones whom I trust the most deceive me at appropriate time.My Life has been a complete failure

    these are not only due to bad shani but there are a lot of other things also in my chart to be considered for a detailed analysis give your details on this page





    I can understand the predicament. Before going further, I will mention upfront that I am novice and sincerely hope that my post will not add to your confusion.


    Your chart shows Me,Su,Ju and Ve in Ari bhava with the lagna lord Me combust. Ve, the yogakaraka is also in a bad house. This house also happens to be the 8th from Chandra lagna. Ra is not badly placed in Ge which many beleive is a friendly house for Ra, though the placement in lagna may lead to a few problems to health and danges from thieves/snakes.


    But Sa the lord of 9th from lagna and 10th from Chandra lagna is exalted.Your 10th lord is in exaltation sign with Mo in Dashamsa and that too in the 9th house. Hence I feel that you just have to wait for a good time.


    You are currently running Su Mahadasha who is in papakartari yoga being hemmed in between Sa and Ma. This may be the reason for your current worried mental state.


    Based on astakavarga points I expect the period after Sep 09 when Sa enters Virgo should be better specailly after Nov since Ju enters Aq where he has a high points for your chart.Moon mahadasha starting Oct 2010 should also be imrpove matters as far as it relates to your mental makeup.


    As for getting confused with remedies, many people have repeatedly said that satvik (prayer,service to poor...) methods of remedy are safer and are bound to produce beneficial spiritual effect even if not material effect.



    thanks for your reply I had not checked my messages for past many days thanks once again

  9. Hello sir

    my DOB 28- Nov-1982

    Place Fatehgarh (UP)

    Time 19:40

    I am struggling to get a job for past one year I fail in what ever I do any of my effort for myself does not give me any result.The ones whom I trust the most deceive me at appropriate time.My Life has been a complete failure till today I used to have very high ambitions but all got spoiled due to religious activities.A friend of mine suggested me to wear a pearl and emerald,I just want a job how is it possible I do not have any money to buy any thing.

    I want to know when and how will I be able to get a desired job.

  10. Hi


    my DOB 28- Nov-1982

    Place Fatehgarh (UP)

    Time 19:40

    I am struggling to get a job/finance will a pearl help me ?

    actually I am asking because I am a gemini ascendant and according to books moon is enemical to mercury if I wear a yellow sapphire will that help me or kendradhipati dosha is prevailing or wear a red coral since mars is lord of 11th house in my case or moon lord of 2nd house in 11th house will benefit me more

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