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  1. thankyou very much for the reply.


    actually, i dont know much about vedic astrology.


    in my mother's family there have been a lot of divorces.

    my mother divorced my father when i was young, and since then i have grown up under my mother only.

    many of my mother's cousins are divorcees.

    in fact, from the children of my maternal great grandfather, there is at least one divorcee in each of their families; it is usually the one who was married off first among the brothers and sisters.

    i am the eldest among my cousins and one of my cousins got married last year and is having problems keeping up with her hubby.

    she was married off first among all our cousins.


    will there be problems in my married life too ?

    is it possible to find out in which month my life partner should be born ?

  2. I'm a 28 year old male and am thinking of getting married.


    My birth details:

    June 20, 1980

    5:30 am

    Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu)


    Could someone tell me when I should get married ?

    Is it also possible to find out the date of birth of the girl who will perfectly suit me ?


    Thanks in advance for any help...:)

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