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    Do you now? Well, good luck to you!


    This is not the reply expected from you. The persons who are giving replies to your query, you are not accepting it.In such scenario you should give the reply. Just writing one line reply to my post is not enough.

    Tell us about your thoughts on the thread started by you.

    Good luck to you.....


    Hanumanji is one of the top 108 siddhas. He is also called Mukhya prana. He is also called Siriya Thiruvadi. Of course he is soo great no doubt. But still Lord Narayana is ultimate.He is soul of everyone (including shiva,brahma)


    Can U pls tell me who all are included in 108 siddhas & who is top most among them????

  3. I would like to share my views also.

    Goswami Tulsidasji have written Ramcharitmanas for his inner peace.The same have been confirmed by him in the beginning itself. He has not written for the world.Those who are interested can read it else keep it aside.It is a devotional literature of a Bhakta to his Ishta/beloved i.e Shree Ram ( Supreme personality). Goswamiji have given more weightage to bhakti of Shree Ram. The final conclusion drawn from Ramcharitmanas is to have selfless devotion towards Shree Ram.

    The most important point is in what way you are reading it.If from bhakti point of view it is read then it is full of bhakti only. If from authenticity point of view then a reader would find it different from Valmiki Ramayan & can reject it.We have 18 puranas. All contradicting each other.

    The next point is who are we to authorise whether it is authentic or not.Shree Hari is Anant & all HIS divine leelas are also anant.Who has got the capability to describe it fully??Even Shree Hari himself can't describe his leela fully.Everyone according to their capacity try to describe/interpretate it.Finally it is the level of bhakti which matters.

    I would request all the members not to drag great devotees & their devotional literatures in all these debates & question their authenticity.Rather we should see within ourselves as to how much bhakti we have got towards Shree Hari??? Salutation to devotees is salutation to Shree Hari.

  4. Dear Devotees,


    We all know about the philosophies of different jagadgurus i.e.

    Sri Sankara- Advaita

    Sri Ramanuja- Vishishtha Advaita

    Sri Madhava- Dvaita

    Sri Vallabha- Shudh Advaita

    Sri Gaurang- Achintya Bhedabhed


    I would like to know in which category does Sri Shuk Dev Goswami's or Vyas's philosophy falls into???


    I would require some clarification on the above subject matter.

    Thanks in advance.


    "Om Namo Narayanaya"



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