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  1. Hi all,


    Can you please help me understand the effects of the planets on my career presently. Currently the planets are placed as follows in my horoscope:


    1 house – Lagna

    2 house – ketu

    3rd House - Shani

    8 house – Rahu and Jupiter

    9 House – Chandra and Mangal

    10 House – Surya , Budh and Shukra


    And also please let me know the remedies for the same

    Thank you


  2. i was born on 25th march 1979. place; Thane, Mumbai. Time : 20:45 hrs. I have working in my present company for more than two years now. but there is hardly any improvement in terms of career in terms of monetary and as wells as designation. i have been trying to check out for opportunities but none are real good for a change. Please tell me about my career growth and remedies for the same.

    Thank you

  3. Hi,


    I have been advised to wear a cats eye gem , but i do not know what should be the minimum weight of the gem and also how it is worn; ege: what mantras should i recite before wearing it and how... Request your help in this and appreciate much.




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