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  1. Thanks for the remedies you suggested.


    I live in Canada, where I live there is no temple. The nearest temple is atleast 150 km. I can visit once a month. Is there anything I can do at home. Will it be helpful if I light a lamp with black til oil in front of our home temple.


    I have more questions:

    1. Planning to do renovation for the house, which for the sale. Do you think I should put money into the house for sale or not?


    2. I am going to have job interview in next 15 days, any suggestion whether I should change the job or wait? ( Which day will be better for interview, sugges the dates)


    I will definately like to meet you, during my next visit to Nagpur.



  2. Hi,


    Posting this out of desperation to find out what the future holds for us. We are going thru a very bad phase of life and seeking help of Jyotish to find out when will we come out of it and what our future hold for us. Below are our details.


    Place: Nagpur, Maharashtra.

    10th July, 1964.

    Time: 7:20 or 7:30 p.m. (in the evening)


    My wife:

    Place: Gondia, Maharashtra.

    3rd May, 1972.

    Time: 2:45 p.m.


    Problem: Our house is in market for sale from last 11 months, and we have no luck selling it. Currently we are renting right now because of new job at different location. We are in financial crises because of the mortgage and the rent we have to pay.


    In the mean time I (Vilas) am searching for a good job and please let us know when can we expect a good job and what all to be done to get a good job... and also sell the house quickly.


    We also come to know that Vilas is going through last phase of sade sathi and that is what causing problem selling the house. If there are any remedies to overcome this problem.


    Waiting for a solution...


    Thanks & Best Regards

    Vilas & Yogita

  3. Hi,


    I am trying to sell my house from last 11 months. The house is in Canada. I am also looking for new job in Vancouver, BC so my kids will be more acquainted with hindu culture. I really need help selling this house, so my family can get new house. Currently we are renting and want to get stabalize.


    DOB: 10th July, 1964

    Time: 7:20 or 7:30 PM not sure

    Place: Nagpur


    Please help me, I am very depressed.



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