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  1. Hello Sandhuji, I clearly told you not to mistake me for pointing out. See the last line of the previous message. Accusations can either come from the adminstrator of this group OR the writer, if they ever come to notice it. When I can find the author of this writeup, it is a surprise that 'you' could not find it. Also you yourself say that you are used to pasting materials. Hence it becomes all the more important to see the author and give credit. You are duty bound by this . Just google few lines of any writeup to locate the author. The method is simple and that is how I found it. Once again , no offence meant , but only a caution . Take it or leave it.

  2. Hello Sandhuji,


    When you use someone's write up , please always give credit to the writer. You are not supposed to just copy the item and paste it. It is against the copywright laws and adharmic. Even if the writer does not mind copying, it is better to give credit to him/her.


    The materials appearing in this section can be found in the following link.


    http://www.galacticcenter.org/intermediate-lessons-vedic astrology/page-2.html


    Pl do not mistake for pointing out.

  3. Hello.Atul,


    Are you a gynaecologist ? . I would like to know from you a few things related to birth. If one feels he can fix the birth time , it is rather ignorance. People are yet to understand the various deeply hidden knots of the Lord. We can say we know astrology only if we can exactly predict the past of a person without asking even a single question. The birth itself is because of the persons past karma. Otherwise his landing will be in 'swarga' !


    It is easy for the astrologer to choose a birth time. Twenty years later, the same astrologer would regret having choosen the time, if he was alive. Like it happens with the divorced coulpe.. many pass a comment about the astrologer.. who matched my horoscope..see what a wife i have got ? and another astrologer would say.. how did he match these two ?...


    Atul, which part of the time you fix in the birth of caesarean.. Do you have any nice experience that you can share with us ?

  4. Hello sow.rashmi_be , Saturn and Mars placed in the ninth house of Saptamsa ( a varga seen for birth of children ..etc) is the primary cause for such a child. Rahu , placed in Kanya shows the second child. Rahu , caused abortion. Next child is shown by moon placed in its own house. Next child could be a female. However, the current period of Mars dasa and Saturn antar (will start on April 23, 2009) portends danger to child birth and it is best to avoid giving birth or conceiving during Apr 2009 to Jun 2010. Since saptamsa is not good and also Rahu being putra karaka , lot of care is needed to check the growth of a child as a regular procedure during pregnancy. Can you please provide other details of birth of the first child. I suspect the role of Rahu there.

  5. Hello Kiran,


    Those are guide lines to show inclination to choose one's partner on their own. Venus, the planet of love should be associated with malefics like Saturn, Mars and Rahu. The lust , if influenced by such planets, goes highly tamasic in nature. Enjoyment becomes the primary importance. Seventh house shows , ones spouse or partner. Fifth house shows one's furture and higher intellect. Any combo of Fifth house lord / Seventh house lord shows one's desire to choose their partner on their own. Ninth house, the house of dharma , if infulenced by malefics make one to break the rules by not listening to Guru/Adviser/father/Elder(ninth house). But do not be mislead that such combinations in Rasi chart alone can make one marry outside their cast. Within a gap of Two hours, thousands of persons are born. Using internet, just find how many people are born all over the world and just find out how many of them adopt caste system. Caste system is prevalant only in a fraction of the world. To understand those rules, collect and analyse charts of a few of your known people who have married outside caste. Just for a simple exercise, I give the position of a chart. Apply the above rules and see how many of them fit and place your comments on the marital status of the person.


    1. Simha (Leo) ....... Lagna

    2. Kanya (Virgo)........ Saturn and Ketu

    3. Virchik (Scorpio).... Moon

    4. Kumbha (Aquarious).. Mars

    5. Meena (Pisces) ....... Venus and Rahu

    6. Vrishabh(Taurus)..... Jupiter, Sun and Mercury


    Give this a Try !

  6. Hello, reddooney


    The science of Astrology is based on karmas in the past and present birth. Each person is a an entity. Different people are linked karmically to face the karmas in this birth. For example , if your daugther is to give birth to a child, you are destined to become a grandma . If you call this as 'affecting' , it is not right. Many of the present day astrologers, who are half baked, always want to sensationalise their predictions. A few of them use every means available to 'thicken' their purse by frightening people. Hence please be informed that the notion of " this person's horoscope affecting the other person " is wrong. Also be informed that , by 'tinkering' one's horoscope , the other cannot get relief. Otherwise why should there be two different births at all ?

  7. Hello Naha


    Better late than never. The basic qualification that you have should certainly help you. Go ahead and acquire some additional qualification to seek a job. It would be better for you to continue in medical related line. As US is under recession, it is the best and use this time for educational purposes and be ready for the job when US pulls back in a 'year'. Jupiter, the tenth lord joining Moon, in the tenth house ( assuming your lagna is Gemini - Mithun ) should give you job in public area. That is perfect.

  8. Hello Naha,


    Your birth time falls in the border. A reduction of about two and half minutes in time shifts your lagna to Rishabha. The whole patern changes as the lordship changes. Just to understand the timing of events in your horoscope, can you pl provide the date of joining and quiting of your job in India?. Understanding of the horoscope is called for, as the lagna falls in border and also an educated lady quits her job and unable to find a job thereafter. The Horoscope is tricky.

  9. Hello Kasturi. The period is tough due to Saturn transiting the eight from your birth Moon Dhanishta. Shifting job at this time is very risky. Right now you are running Jupiter/Mars to be followed by Jupiter/Rahu. Mars is the lord of the fourth house in Navamsa and it would certainly give you troubles. Rahu , being the Atmakaraka - an important planet in your chart, the period would be decisive in your life. Rahu is a planet of deceit and you must be careful. You can easily be misguided. So whatever you do , you may have to think too many times . My personal feeling is, known devil is better than unknown devil.

    When Moon transits the following stars , observe your mental state. On these days, if you feel little disturbed use this data that in the following days similar situation would happen and you keep away from people, especially your boss. Moon's daily tranist can be easily learnt from panchanga or calendar that lists daily nakshtra. Today's star is Swati. Hence consider Moon is in Swati today. Observe the days with following stars.


    1. Dhanishta


    2. Mrigasira


    3. Poorvaphalguni


    4. Uthraphalguni


    5. chitra


    6. Uthrashaada.


    Do you know the birth date( dd/mm/yyyy) of your Boss ?

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