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  1. The complications are: or I get very constipated or get a diareah. I get bloating, lots of gas and the worst of all I got something like a chronic pain in my intestines (this happens something between 24 to 48 hours after I ingested the food). I feel really bad, my body gets high temperature like something of a internal fever. I get strong pains in my abdominal region, where the intestines are, and it is a real strong pain. And sometimes I feel pain in my back near where the kidneys are. And the big deal is that as I quit lactose everything disapears! :(

  2. Hello there friend.


    I had some problems with my digestive system, stomack and intestines. I seek help with an ayurvedic doctor, and I think you should do the same. Even if you have some knowledge with the books (like me, I read a lot about ayurveda) your not an specialist on the area.

    With the doctor I really discovered what was my problem, and now that I´m treating it I´m much better, something like 90% better.


    bye... namaste!

  3. First of all thanks and really thanks to all you guys from Audarya Fellowship. I´m a reader of this forum since March, 2007. I just feel this place as a wonderful forum, I always pass here down to read and learn more about ayurveda, vedic culture, etc.


    Well my question is about Divya Medicines of Swami Ramdev, did someone ever take them? Are they good?




    Moon Child

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