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    you dont have to go so far for that !!!!! why planets ?? our own moon is teeming with highly advanced living creatures.


    iskcon maintains( bahgavad gita as it is) that there are fascinating creatures all roaming about the moon which is perpetually invisible to naked eyes. imagine their degree of evolutional perfection , which even animals upon earth could not attain inspite of it(earth) being a more hospitable place to live in than moon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........

    yes i know what the gita says but, i wonder how far would we advance, would there be extensive space travel like in star trek...........i guess none of the holly books addressed this issue


    It seems you are indeed talking smack!!!


    well, I am sure that did not sound very respectful but so did your second post. Instead of expressing you opinionated gesture, perhaps you could have had a bit of introspection to think if probably your own question wasn't clear enuf to excite an answer from the "astrologers" here.


    I personally strongly believe in both psychology as well as astrology. And a big motivation towards my reading astrology has been to use a combination of the two to help people.

    I believ the correlation between psycholgy and astrology is the same as a person going to doctor for the cure of his ailment. And here the task of the doctor is not restricted to give the medicine but to also credibly assure the patient that he will indeed get well. The astrologer gets the same kind of belief and trust from his clients and hence gets the same power of healing as a medical doctor.


    Well, that was my take on your question. I hope I understood what you wanted to ask and answered appropriately.


    Kind regards

    i think my question was very clear, obviously cause i did get a very clear answer from you. what was so hard to understand about the question. and yes it was very opinionated question cause im pretty sure some people might tend to disagree. if they found it to be disrespectful or to opinionated then they are to proud of themselves and there knowledge, such knowledge such humble a person. thats my opinion.
  3. i fix cars and eventually i would like to branch out into selling cars, im hoping if i could do this i could eventually do other thing and try to expand myself into other buissness ventures, i would like to be independant in terms of making oney i dont like working for people but i have no choice right now, would this be a good direction for me, i havennt had any succes in anything i have done so im hoping this could chnge my life. im hopin i could start donin this around the end of next summer, any direction would be greatly appreciated. i really hate working for people my goal is to eventually be indipendant, ive worked for people for many years, but ive had enough i cant take it any more, all i want is to be independant and make money on my own terms.


    dob april 29 1982

    place of birth toronto ontario canada

    time 9:18 pm

  4. im not quite sure i totoally belive that astrology is at all acurate or if it has any uses at all, for varies reason, im not at any a way an astrologer but i have had enough experiance to "belive" that there is could be a link between astrology and phycology. is any of this true or not is there any link at all between the two or am u just talking smack??????

  5. i agree that not all scoicetys has any sort of preperation for death, but im intrested in knowing what happens to the mind and soul in an unconsiouce level when it is time to pass. u said that u had a nde and u read this book which u tend to agree that it conforms to what u experianced, is it all possiable that u had willingly accepted this theroy, after all the mind in bith a counsiouce and sub counsiouse level do play trick on us, im arguing with what had happened to u as false, im just arguing that everyone is different and so to is our minds. is it possiable to explain what happened in your nde, i think it would help me understand it more better, but u are right how could anyone be reaslly prepeared for death.

  6. it is understood that if u were to die instanly, lets say from a gun shot wound it would be benificial to your soul cause u will get a chance to think of god while u are dying therefore u will accend to heaven. A prolonged death leaves the chance that u will be thinking of the material world, i.e worrying about loved ones, work that isnt yet finished, or dreams that has never been acomplished. So what happens when u die in ur sleep, what happens on the subcounsice level do u even at all think of god, some of us may have dreams or visions of god but they are random at best and there is no predicting when such event may happen again. so what happens when u die in ur sleep, do u go off to a delluded world, are u suck in this reality as a ghost or wondering spirit, what really happens??????


    Those are good onlinestores, also check out this one if you can read an Indian language



    thanks for the link but i ant understand hindi......thats why i asked for books with three translation im hoping it would help me understand it better


    Yes, I may be some help to you :)

    Please tell the particular sacred text or tell me the list. I know some good sites, but without you telling me the particular one, i won't be able to give you the best ones. :)

    im looking for different puranas, books on astrology, sutras......im really looking for ancients texts that coud be hard to find....just about anything
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