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ISKCON and Hare Krishna Kirtans in MP3

ISKCON and Hare Krishna bhajans and kirtans in MP3 format.

2 files

  1. Hare Krishna Bhajan, 001 (MP3)

    Chanting of the Hare Krishna maha mantra.




  2. Jaya Madhava Madana Murari Radhe by Achyutananda Das (MP3)

    Classic recording of Achyutananda Das singing "Jaya Madhava Madana Murari" bhajan in MP3 format. The correct name of the bhajan is "Sundara Kundala Naina Visala".
    Vasudev Ghosh has written this song “jaya madhava madana murari radhe-syama syama-syama”. In this song, Vasudev Ghosh glorifies the transcendental pastimes of Sri Krsna, which charms everyone.
    (refrain) jaya madhava madana murari radhe-syama syama-syama
    jaya kesava kali-mala-hari radhe-syama syama-syama

    sundara kundala naina visala, gale sohe vaijayanti-mala
    ya chavi ki balihari radhe-syama syama-syama

    kabahun luta luta dadhi khayo, kabahun madhu-vana rasa racayo
    nacata vipina-vihari radhe-syama syama-syama

    gvala-bala sanga dhenu carai, vana-vana brahmata phire yadu-rai
    kandhe kamara kari radhe-syama syama-syama

    cura cura nava-nita jo khayo, vraja-vanitana pai nama dharayo
    makhana-cora murari radhe-syama syama-syama

    eka-dina mana indra ko maryo, nakha upara govardhana dharyo
    nama padayo giridhari radhe-syama syama-syama

    duryodhana ko bhoga na khayo, rukho saga vidura ghara khayo
    aise prema pujari radhe-syama syama-syama

    karuna kara draupadi pukari, pata men lipata gaye vanavari
    nirakha rahe nara nari radhe-syama syama-syama

    bhakta-bhakta saba tumane tare, bina bhakti hama thade dvare
    lijo khabara hamari radhe-syama syama-syama

    arjuna ke ratha hankana hare, gita ke upadesa tumhare
    cakra-sudarsana-dhari radhe-syama syama-syama

    (Refrain) Glories to the husband of the goddess of fortune, who is the transcendental Cupid and the enemy of the demon Mura. Glories to the divine couple Radhe Syama, also known as Syama Syama! Glories to Lord Kesava, who has fine hair, who removes the miseries of the age of Kali—Radhe Syama Syama Syama!
    (1) O Krsna, You wear beautiful earrings, and You have lovely widened eyes. Around Your neck hangs the splendrous vaijanti flower garland. Your complexion is most excellent—Radhe Syama Syama Syama!
    (2) Sometimes You secretly plunder yogurt and eat it, and sometimes You design a rasa-dance performance with the young gopis in the forest of Madhuvana. There dances Vipina-Vihari, You who love to sport in the forest— Radhe Syama Syama Syama!
    (3) You herd the cows in the company of the cowherd boys. You, the monarch of the Yadu dynasty, thus wander from forest to forest, carrying a black blanket draped over Your shoulder— Radhe Syama Syama Syama!
    (4) Because You, O Murari, repeatedly steal fresh butter from the homes of the women of Vraja and secretly eat it, they have named You ‘Makhan-Chor’ (the butter thief)— Radhe Syama Syama Syama!
    (5) One day You curbed the pride of Indra by lifting the great mountain Govardhana upon the tip of Your fingernail, thus winning for Yourself the name Giridhari— Radhe Syama Syama Syama!
    (6) You did not accept the sumptuous feast of the wicked Duryodhana, but took the coarse food offered by Your devotee Vidura. Therefore You are worshipped by love and not by mere rituals—Radhe Radhe Syama Syama Syama!
    (7) To bestow mercy upon Draupadi, You, the Lord of the forest, supplied unlimited cloth to protect her from shame, while the assembly of men and women looked on— Radhe Syama Syama Syama!
    (8) You deliver each of Your devotees in unique ways. Alas, we who are bereft of devotion are standing here outside Your door. Please favorably receive the news of our presence— Radhe Syama Syama Syama!
    (9) You were the driver of Arjuna’s chariot, and on the battlefield You gave Arjuna the instructions of the Bhagavad-Gita. During the fight You exhibited Your form as the wielder of the discus Sudarsana— Radhe Syama Syama Syama!




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