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list of excellent palmistry books

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Posted 21 May 2007 - 01:35 AM


S.No. Name Of Book Author Price 1 Study Of Palmistry
(A1R) CDe Sanit Germain 200 2 Laws Of Scientific Hand
Reading (A1R) W.G.Benham 250 3 Wonders Of Life (A1R)
R.G.Rao 500 4 Palmistry : How to master it (A1R) Dayanand
Verma 125 5 Secrets Of Palmistry for Profession & Popularity
(A1R) 125 6 Astro-Palmistry (A1R) Mihiracharya 600
7 The Study Of Palmistry (A1R) Comte C De Saint Germain 195
8 The Science Of Modern Palmistry (A1R) A.R.Craig 125 9
Hand Book Of Palmistry (A1R) Rosa Boughan 80 10 Practical
Palmistry (A1R) Comte C De Saint Germain 125 11
Palmistry Self Taught (A1R) R.P.De 70 12 A Guide to Study
Palmistry (A1R) Edward Heron Allen 150 13 Indian Palmistry
(A1R) Ms. J.B. Dale 50 14 Medical Palmistry (A1R)
Katharine St.Hill 100 15 The Influence Of Stars (A1R) Rosa
Boughan 150 16 How to Choose Vacations From The Hand (A1R)
William G.Benham 220 17 Medical Palmistry (A1R) Katharine
St.Hill 100 18 The Influence Of The Stars (A1R) Rosa
Bougham 150 19 The Complete guide to Palmistry Handwrilings
& Moles (A1R) B. N. Panda 160 20 Practical Palmistry (A1R)
Keiro 120 21 The Laws Of Scientific Hand Reading (A1R)
A.R.Craig 250 22 How to read Faces A System of Practical &
Scientific Physiognomy 380 illustrations (A1R) Mary Olmsted Stanton
800 23 The Study of Palmistry For Professional Purpose (A1R)
CDe Saint Germain 195 24 Samudrika Siksha or Palmistry (A1R)
Roman Kristo Chatterjee 80 25 Complete Astro Palmistry (S)
L. R. Chowdhry 200 26 Palmistry & Inner Self (MB) Ray
Douglas 140 27 Power of Face Reading (MB) Rose Rosetree
295 28 The Practical of Classical Palmistry (MB) Madame La
Roux 225 29 Your Desliny & Scientific Hand Analysis (MB)
Yaschpaule 195

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