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Lord Vishnu & Mata Lakshmi wanna bless you.
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Hello Friend, I know that we do not know each other.Look this is not any commercial E-Mail or something stupid. have U ever think that why some people are highly successful & some are not?You can...
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Lord Vishnu & Mata Lakshmi wanna bless you.

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Posted 22 April 2007 - 09:53 PM

Hello Friend,
I know that we do not know each other.Look this is not any
commercial E-Mail or something stupid. have U ever think that
why some people are highly successful & some are not?You can
see many people are working
very hard to gain Money,Fame & Power.They think that only
hard work is a key to sucess. No my dear friend only hard
work is not able to give high
level of sucess in life.Luck is also very important in
everyone's life.Without luck no one in this World get desired
I think that you have also some hidden desires,problems in
your life. I know that you
also want sucess,fame,money & power. Some persons want
Money,some people want good health,some people want good
relationship with your spouse or
children,some people want Good marks in studies & much more
We all are human being.We all have different desires.A person
who is saying that he or she have no desires is a liar.This
is natural thing,if you are living in this World then U must
have different desires.Everyone
wants good & happy life. Sometimes you can see that you
worked very hard but you are not getting desired results. You
are not the single person in World whose luck is not so good
like big & famous people. In our
Hindu religion there are many pujas by which we can change
our luck.
You all can perform puja at your house without any cost. If
you promise to give Lord Vishnu & Mata Lakshmi minimum 10-15
minutes every day then you can change your life. Look God's
grace is very important in everyone's life. We are seeing
that many people died in a accident.Someone lost his
parents,someone lost his spouse or children.We can hear news
everyday on TV about all that. This is Kalyuga my friend so
puja phal will be many times then puja performed in satyuga
or other previous yugas. Lord
Vishnu is supreme God in Universe.He is the Captain of this
world.You all people can see power of Mata Lakshmi
everyday.You all people want
Money.Money & power can be gained only by puja of Lord Vishnu
& Mata Lakshmi. I am telling you some Mantras of Lord Vishnu
& Mata Lakshmi. You
just have to pick a wool Mala of 108 Mankas and perform jaap
of this mantras every day in alone.You can do jaap of
1,3,5,11 or more as you
want. 1st put a Picture of Lord Vishnu with Mata Lakshmi in
front of you.
Mantra for Lord Vishnu --(1)OM NAMO BHAGVATYIE
Mantra of Mata Lakshmi --(1)OM SHREEM HREEM KLEEM

I am also sending picture of Lord Vishnu & Mata Lakshmi with
Shree Yantra.Shree Yantra is very auspicious for attracting
wealth.You can
take out print out of this picture or buy more spritual
products like Shree yantra,Mahalakshmi yantra,Pictures of
Lord Vishnu & Mata Lakshmi,Shukervaar vrta katha,Vishnu
Chalisa,Lakshmi Chalisa & many more pujan books like
Look my dear friend these things are not a magic stick which
can fullfill all of your desires.These pujan & Mantras only
can improve your luck with spritual enlightment and Lord
Vishnu will give you more success,money & peace of mind.Not a
single person in this world can make his body proper fit by
irregular exercise or junk food as same not a single person
can change his luck in a 1 day pujan of God.If any person
want proper result then he/she must have proper faith on Lord
Vishnu & Mata Lakshmi. All salaried persons get salary after
1 month, every Businessman get profit after sheer hard work
as same a student get marks in last of year.He/She get good
percentage after hard work of full 1 year.
As same if you want blessings of Lord Vishnu & Mata Lakshmi
then you must have to give some minutes everyday to God. We
all are children of God
but God loves more those who love God. If you think that I am
saying traditional things & these all pujas are fake then
remember my friend modern people of UK & USA are also
If our traditional values are
not true then what about Baba Ramdevji.See he is famous & a
respectable in this world due to Yoga. UK president called
him as a chief guest &
USA Government also admired him. So my friend I think that U
must perform jaap of above mantras and change your luck &
life. Results may vary due to karma of previous birth &
faith. You can get more information by searching in Google.
Best of Luck.Thank You.



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Posted 25 April 2014 - 07:46 AM


''GOD BLESS YOU.............NICHLO.INDIA..................

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