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Shiva panchayatana puja. Questions ?

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Posted 23 December 2003 - 10:33 AM

There are a few books
1. RS vadhyar - Nityanikam - in sanskrit

2. Sringeri - Siva Puja Vidhi?(I forget the name it is
a slim book the back cover has a picture of the
Acharya) in sanskrit (lipi-devanagari)

3. Chowkamba - Nitya puja Vidhi - has a more detailed
set of rules in sanskrit with explanations in hindi

All three have pata bedhas, and minor/major
differences, including dhyanam, order of sequences


--- seeksha <seeksha wrote:
> Namaste,
> I am trying to put together a Shiva panchayatana
> puja procedure for
> my friend and ran in to a question. I looked at the
> Puja books (R.K
> Mutt, LIFCO etc) that have a laghu panchayatana puja
> text. The
> procedure there is to do dhyana aavaahana etc first
> to Ganapati and
> then Surya and so on. I also came across another
> panchayatana puja
> book published by Kanchi mutt that quotes,
> ravir vinaayakashchaNDhii iisho viShNustu panchamaH
> .
> anukrameNa puujyante vukrametu mahadbhayam .. (padma
> purANa)
> The author quotes this and assigns the krama as
> surya, ganapati,
> ambaa, shiva and viShNu. He also points that you
> could put ganapati
> first if there are pramaNas for such a procedure.
> Could any of the members who perform panchayatana
> puja and aware of
> the tradition please through some light?.
> Where can I find more pramaaNa-s for panchayatana
> puja ?.
> Could any one who have come across an authoritative
> book on
> Panchayatana puja, please share some information
> about the
> publisher/author ?
> Thanks
> Aravind

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