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Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu predicted

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<font face="Times" size="5"><h2>Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu predicted</h2> </font>








<h3><font face="Times" size="3">Sruti: (alphabetic order)</font></h3>




<h4>Atharva Veda, third khanda, Brahma-vibhaga </h4>




ito 'ham krta-sannyaso 'vatarisyami sa-guno nirvedo


niskamo bhu-girbanas


tira-stho 'lakanandayah kalau catuh-sahasrabdhopari


panca-sahasrabhyantare gaura-varno dirghangah




isvara-prarthito nija-rasasvado bhakta-rupo


misrakhyo vidita-yogah syam






"Towards the end of the period between four-thousand to five thousand years in

Kali-yuga, I will descend on the earth as Gauranga, a golden-complexioned saintly

brahmana in a place by the Ganges' shore and later become the crest-jewel of all

sannyasis, exhibiting all My transcendental qualities including supreme renunciation

and complete detachment from material desires. In the form of Lord Gauranga, I will

display all the thirty-two bodily symptoms of a great personality with my arms

extending to my knees. I will become my own devotee, very advanced in bhakti-yoga

and teach the worship of Lord Krsna (Myself) by the chanting of My own holy names

and relishing the mellows of My own devotional service. At that time only My most

confidential devotees will be able to understand Me."

















<h3>Caitanya Upanisad of Atharva Veda


(the whole text of 19 verses)</h3>








<h4>Chandogya Upanisad 8.1.1 of Sama Veda </h4>




atra brahma-puram nama


pundarikam yad ucyate


tad evasta-dalam padma


sannibham puram adbhutam






In that place [where Sri Caitanya appears] is a wonderful city like an eight-petal

lotus flower.


{commentary of Bhaktivinoda Thakura}












<h4>Chandogya Upanisad 8.1.2</h4>



tan-madhye daharam saksat




tatra vesma bhagavatas


caitanyasya paratmanah


tasmin yas tv 'antarakaso


hy antar-dvipah sa ucyate






In the middle of that lotus-city is a place called Mayapura, and in the middle of

Mayapura is a place called Antardvipa. That place is the home of Lord Caitanya, the

Supreme Personality of Godhead.


(commentary of Bhaktivinoda Thakura)














<h4>Krsna Upanisad 2.6</h4>


sa eva bhagavan yuge turiye 'pi brahma-kule


jayamanah sarva upanisadah uddidirsuh


sarvani dharma-astrani vistarayisnuh sarvan


api janan santarayisnuh sarvan api vaisnavan


dharman vijrimbhayan sarvan api pasandan nicakhana






In the Kali-yuga, Supreme Lord will appear in a brahmana's family. He will

teach the message of the Upanisads and the dharma-sastras. He will defeat the atheists

and offenders and He will establish the truth of Vaisnava-dharma.












<h4>Mundaka Upanisad 3.1.3 of Atharva Veda</h4>



yada pasyah pasyate rukma-varnam


kartaram isam purusam brahma-yonim






One who sees that golden-colored Personality of Godhead, the Supreme Lord,

the supreme actor, who is the source of the Supreme Brahman, is liberated.












<h4>Purusa-bodhini Upanisad of Atharva Veda</h4>




saptame gaura-varna-visnor ity


anena sva-saktya caikyam etya


prantepratar avatirya saha


svaih sva-manum siksayati






In the seventh manvantara, in the beginning of the Kali-yuga, the Supreme

Personality of Godhead accompanied by His own associates, will descend in a golden

form to the earth. He will teach the chanting of His own holy names.












<h4>Svetasvatara Upanisad 3.12 of Yajur Veda</h4>





mahan prabhur vai purusah


sattvasyaisa pravartakah


sunirmalam imam praptim


isano jyotir avyayah








The Supreme Personality of Godhead is Mahaprabhu [Lord Caitanya], who

disseminates transcendental enlightenment. Just to be in touch with Him is to be in

contact with the indestructible brahmajyoti.


















<h4>Srimad-Bhagavatam 7.9.38</h4>




ittham nr-tiryag-rsi-deva jhasavatarair


lokan vibhavayasi hamsi jagat pratipan


dharmam maha-purusa pasi yuganuvrttam


channah kalau yad abhavas tri-yugo 'tha sa tvam






In this way, my Lord, You appear in various incarnations as a human being, an

animal, a great saint, a demigod, a fish or a tortoise, thus maintaining the entire

creation in different planetary systems and killing the demoniac principles. According

to the age, O my Lord, You protect the principles of religion. In the age of Kali,

however, You do not assert Yourself as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and

therefore You are known as Triyuga, or the Lord who appears in three yugas.,


{Prahlada Maharaja speaks to Lord Nrsimhadeva}












<h4>Srimad-Bhagavatam 10.8.13</h4>




asan varnas trayo hy asya


grhnato 'nuyugam tanuh


suklo raktas tatha pita


idanim krsnatam gatah






This boy [Krsna] has three other colors - white, red and yellow - as He appears in

different ages. Now He has appeared in a transcendental blackish color.


{Gargamuni speaks to Nanda Maharaja}












<h4>Srimad-Bhagavatam 11.5.32</h4>




krsna-varnam tvisakrsnam




yajnaih sankirtana-prayair


yajanti hi su-medhasah






In the age of Kali, intelligent persons perform congregational chanting to

worship the incarnation of Godhead who constantly sings the name of Krsna.

Although His complexion is not blackish, He is Krsna Himself. He is accompanied by

His associates, servants, weapons and confidential companions.


{Karabhajana Muni speaks to King Nimi}












<h4>Srimad-Bhagavatam 11.5.33</h4>




dhyeyam sada paribhava-ghnam abhista-doham


tirthaspadam siva-virinci-nutam saranyam


bhrtyarti-ham pranata-pala bhavabdhi-potam


vande maha-purusa te caranaravindam






My dear Lord, You are the Maha-purusa, the Supreme Personality of Godhead,

and I worship Your lotus feet, which are the only eternal object of meditation. Those

feet destroy the embarrassing conditions of material life and freely award the greatest

desire of the soul, the attainment of pure love of Godhead. My dear Lord, Your lotus

feet are the shelter of all holy places and of all saintly authorities in the line of

devotional service and are honored by powerful demigods like Lord Siva and Lord

Brahma. My Lord, You are so kind that You willingly protect all those who simply

bow down to You with respect, and thus You mercifully relieve all the distress of

Your servants. In conclusion, my Lord, Your lotus feet are actually the suitable boat

for crossing over the ocean of birth and death, and therefore even Lord Brahma and

Lord Siva seek shelter at Your lotus feet.












<h4>Srimad-Bhagavatam 11.5.34</h4>




tyaktva su-dustyaja-surepsita-rajya-laksmim


dharmistha arya-vacasa yad agad aranyam


maya-mrgam dayitayepsitam anvadhavad


vande maha-purusa te caranaravindam






O Mahapurusa, I worship Your lotus feet. You gave up the association of the

goddess of fortune and all her opulence, which is most difficult to renounce and is

hankered after by even the great demigods. Being the most faithful follower of the

path of religion, You thus left for the forest in obedience to a brahmana's curse. Out of

sheer mercifulness You chased after the fallen conditioned souls, who are always in

pursuit of the false enjoyment of illusion, and at the same time engaged in searching

out Your own desired object, Lord Syamasundara.












<h4>Agni Purana</h4>




prasantatma lamba-kanthas


gaurangas ca suravrtah






The Supreme Personality of Godhead will come in a golden form, full of peace,

and a beautiful long neck. He will be surrounded by many saintly devotees.












<h4>Bhavisya Purana</h4>








harsa-purnam tapo-dhana


sarve mam eva draksyanti


kalau sannyasa-rupinam






O sage whose wealth is austerity, in the Kali-yuga everyone will see My form as

a sannyasi, a form filled with tears of bliss and bodily hairs standing erect.












<h4>Brahma Purana</h4>




kaleh prathama-sandhyayam


gaurango 'ham mahi-tale


bhagirathi-tate bhumni


bhavisyami sanatanah






In the first sandhya of the Kali-yuga I will reveal My eternal golden form by the

Ganges' shore on the earth.












<h4>Devi Purana</h4>








kvacit sri-krsna-caitanya


nama loke bhavisyati






The Supreme Personality of Godhead will again appear in this world. His name

will be Sri Krsna Caitanya and He will spread the chanting of the Lord's holy names.












<h4>Garuda Purana</h4>




yad gopi-kuca-kumbha-sambhrama-bhara-


rambhena samvardhitah yad va gopa-kumara-


sara-kalaya range subhandi-krtam yad


vrndavana-kanane pravilasac chridama-


damadibhis tat prema-pradatam cakara


bhagavan caitanya-rupah prabhuh






The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Who enjoyed glorious pastimes with

Sridama, Dama, and other gopa boys in Vrndavana forest, and Whose eyes glanced at

the gopis' breasts, will again come to this world to reveal the nature of pure spiritual

love. At that time His name will be Caitanya.









yo reme saha-ballavi ramayate vrndavane


'har-nisam yah kamsam nijaghana kaurava-


rane yah pandavanam sakha so 'yam vainava-


danda-mandita-bhutah sannyasa-vesah sva-


yam nihsandedham upagatah ksiti-tale


caitanya-rupah prabhuh






The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Who enjoyed pastimes with the gopis,

Who day and night filled the people of Vrndavana with happiness, Who killed Kamsa,

and Who in the war between the Kauravas made friendship with the Pandavas, will

come again to the earth. Of this there is no doubt. His arm decorated with a bamboo

danda, He will be a sannyasi and his name will be Caitanya.









kalina dahyamananam


paritranaya tanu-bhrtam


janma prathama-sandhyayam


karisyami dvijatisu






To deliver the conditioned souls burning in the trouble of Kali-yuga, in the first

sandhya of that age I will take birth among the Brahmanas.









aham purno bhavisyami


yuga-sandhau visesatah


mayapure navadvipe


bhavisyami saci-sutah






In My original spiritual form, perfect and complete, I will become the son of

Sacidevi in Navadvipa-Mayapura at the beginning of Kali-yuga.










kaleh prathama-sandhyayam


laksmi-kanto bhavisyati




sannyasi gaura-vigrahah






In the first sandhya of Kali-yuga, the Supreme Personality of Godhead will

assume a golden form. First He will be the husband of Laksmi, and then He will be a

sannyasi who stays near Lord Jagannatha at Puri.












<h4>Kurma Purana</h4>



kalina dahyamanam


uddhararaya tanu-bhrtam


janma prathama sandhyayam


bhavisyati dvijalaye






The Supreme Person will appear in the first part of the age of Kali. He will

appear in the home of a brahmana, to save the embodied conditioned souls burning in

the troubles of Kali-yuga.












<h4>Mahabharata, Dana-dharma-parva ch. 189</h4>



suvarna-varno hemango


varangas candanangadi


sannyasa-krc chamah santo








In His early pastimes He appears as a householder with a golden complexion.

His limbs are beautiful, and His body, smeared with the pulp of sandalwood, seems

like molten gold. In His later pastimes He accepts the sannyasa order, and He is

equipoised and peaceful. He is the highest abode of peace and devotion, for He

silences the impersonalist nondevotees.


{Vaisampayana Muni speaks}












<h4>Markandeya Purana</h4>




golokam ca parityajya


lokanam trana-karanat


kalau gauranga-rupena








In the Kali-yuga, I will leave Goloka and to save the people of the world, I will

become the handsome and playful Lord Gauranga.












<h4>Matsya Purana</h4>




mundo gaurah su-dirghangas




dayaluh kirtana-grahi


bhavisyami kalau-yuge






In the age of Kali, I shall advent where the three rivers meet. I shall have a

shaven head. I shall have a golden complexion. I will be very kind and always chant

the holy name of Krsna.












<h4>Narada-pancaratra, Bala-Krsna- sahasra-nama-stotra</h4>




bhakti-priyo bhakti-data, damodara ibhas-patih


indra-darpa-haro 'nanto, nityananda-cid-atmakah






The Supreme Personality of Godhead is known by the names Bhakti-priya,

Bhakti-data, Damodara, Ibhas-pati, Indra-darpa-hara, Ananta, Nityananda-cid-atmaka.












<h4>Narada Purana</h4>




divija bhuvi jayadhvam


jayadhvam bhakta-rupinah


kalau sankirtanarambhe


bhavisyami saci-sutah






O divija (demigods), please come and advent as devotees on this earth in the age

of Kali. I will incarnate as the son of Saci to inaugurate the congregational chanting of

the name of Krsna.









aham eva kalau vipra (or dvijasresthah)


nityam pracchanna-vigrahah




lokam raksami sarvada






O brahmana, in the age of Kali I will appear disguised as a devotee of the Lord

and I will deliver all the worlds. O demigods, in the Kali-yuga please take birth as

devotees on the earth. I will appear as the son of Saci in the Kali-yuga to start the

sankirtana movement.












<h4>Nrsimha Purana</h4>



satye daitya-kuladhi-nasa-samaye simhor-


dhva-martyakrtis trtayam dasa-kandharam


paribhavan rameti namakrtih gopalan


paripalayan vraja-pure bharam haran


dvapare gaurangah priya-kirtanah kali-yuge


caitanya-nama prabhuh






The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Who in the Satya-yuga appeared as a half-

man half-lion to cure a terrible disease that has ravaged the daityas, and Who in Treta-

yuga appeared as a person named Rama, a person who defeated the ten-headed demon

Ravana, and Who in the Dvapara-yuga removed the earth's burden and protected the

gopa people of Vraja-pura, will appear again in the Kali-yuga. His form will be

golden, He will delight in chanting the Lord's holy names, and His name will













<h4>Padma Purana</h4>



kaleh prathama-sandhyayam


gaurango 'ham mahi-tale


bhagirathi-tate ramye


bhavisyami saci-sutah






In the first sandhya of Kali-yuga I will appear on the earth in a beautiful place by

the Ganges' shore. I will be the son of Sacidevi and My complexion will be golden.









yatra yogesvarah saksad


yogi-cintyo janardanah


caitanya-vapur aste vai


sandranandatmakah prabhuh






The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Who is filled with bliss, Who rescues the

devotees from a host of calamities, and Who is the master of yoga and the object of

the yogis' meditation, will appear in His transcendental form and will be known by the

name Caitanya.












<h4>Skanda Purana</h4>




antah-krsno bahir-gaurah




sacigarbhe samapna yat








Inside black and outside golden and accompanied by His associates and

weapons, I shall appear in the womb of Saci. I will seemingly act as a human being

because of the cover of My maya potency.












<h4>Vamana Purana</h4>





sarvan acara-varjitan


saci garbhe ca sambhuya


tarayisyami narada






O Narada, appearing from the womb of Sacidevi [an incarnation of Krsna's

mother Yasoda], I shall deliver the people of Kali-yuga, who will be covered by deep

ignorance and thus devoid of good behavior.












<h4>Varaha Purana</h4>




aham eva dvija-srestho






lokan raksami sarvada






I shall come as the best of the brahmanas. I will exhibit many pastimes in the

form of a devotee. I shall deliver the people of the world.












<h4>Vayu Purana</h4>




mundo gaurah sudirghangas




dayaluh kirtanagrahi


bhavisyami kalau yuge


kalau sankirtanarambhe


bhavisyami saci-sutah






In Kali-yuga I shall appear in a golden form with shaved head and a tall body. I

shall be merciful to people engaged in sankirtana on the bank of the River Ganges.

When the sankirtana movement is inaugurated, I shall descend as the son of Sacidevi.









suddho gaurah-su-dirghango






bhavisyami kalau yuge






In the age of Kali-yuga, I shall come in a place on the bank of the Ganges. I will

be very pure, have a fair complexion, and be very tall and chant the holy names of










paurnamasyam phalgunasya




bhavisye gaura-rupena


saci-garbhe purandarat




svarnadi-tiram asthaya


navadvipe janasraye


tatra dvija-kulam prapto


bhavisyami janalaye






lokasyanugrahaya ca


sannyasa-rupam asthaya






tena lokasya nistaras


tat kurudhvam mamajnaya


dharitri bhavita cabhir


mayaiva dvija-dehina






I shall advent in the month of Phalguna, when the star Phalguni is conjoined with

the full moon. I shall incarnate in a golden complexion in the womb of Saci and

Purandara Misra.




I will be born in the city of Navadvipa, on the Ganges' shore, in a brahmana's

family. I shall take the renounced order of life [sannyasa] and show kindness to the

people in general and engage them in Bhakti. I will be known as Sri Krsna Caitanya.




All of you should follow My order and deliver the people of the world. I shall

appear as a brahmana. I shall make this earth fearless.












<h4>an Upapurana</h4>



aham eva kvacid-brahman




haribhaktim grahayami


kalau papa-hatan-naran






I, the Supreme Brahman, sometimes appear as a sannyasi. I am preaching the

Hari-bhakti which destroys the sins of people in Kali-yuga.




















svarnadi-tiram asritya


navadvipe dvijalaye


sampradatum bhakti-yogam


lokasyanugrahaya ca




sa eva bhagavan krsno




srsty-adau sa jagannatho


gaura asin mahesvari




avatirno bhavisyami


kalau-nija-ganaih saha


saci-garbhe navadvipe






aprakasyam idam guhyam


na prakasyam bahir-mukhe


bhaktavataram bhaktakhyam


bhaktam bhakti-pradam svayam




man-maya-mohitah kecin


na jnasyanto bahir-mukhah


jnasyanti mad-bhakti-yuktah








striyo ye purusah priyah


kalau te 'vatarisyanti






catuh-sasti-mahantas te


gopa dvadasa balakah




viharisyami tair aham




kale nastam bhakti-patham


sthapayisyamy aham punah


gacchantu bhuvi te putrah


jayantam bhakta-rupinah


dharma-samsthapanam kale


kurvantu te mamajnaya




krsnas caitanya-gaurango


gauracandrah saci-sutah


prabhur gauro gaura-harir


namani-bhakti-dani me






To show mercy to the people and give them devotional service, the Supreme

Personality of Godhead will appear in a brahmana's home in Navadvipa by the

Ganges' shore. The Supreme Person, Sri Krsna Himself, who is the life of Srimati

Radharani, and is the Lord of the universe in creation, maintenance, and annihilation,

appears as Gaura, O Mahesvari.




In Kali-yuga, I will descend to the earth with My associates. In Navadvipa,

which is surrounded by the Ganges, I will take birth in Sacidevi's womb.




They who are bewildered by My illusory potency will not understand the great

secret of the appearance in this world of Me in My personal form, in My form as the

incarnation of devotion, in My form as the incarnation of a devotee, in My form

bearing the name of a devotee, in My form as a devotee, and in My form as the giver

of devotional service.




This secret is not to be revealed to them. Only the saintly, pure, renounced

devotees, diligently engaged in My devotional service, will be able to understand Me

in these five forms.




My dear male and female associates, headed by Sridama and Subala, who came

to this world at the time of My advent as Lord Krsna, will come again during the Kali-





The gopas will become the sixty-four mahantas and the twelve gopalas. To

establish the truth of religion, I will enjoy many pastimes with them.




In this way I will again reveal the path of devotional service, which has been

destroyed in the course of time. My sons should also descend to the earth, assume the

forms of devotees, and, by My order, also work to re-establish the principles of true





At this time My names will be: Krsna Caitanya, Gauranga, Gauracandra,

Sacisuta, Mahaprabhu, Gaura and Gaurahari. Chanting these names will bring

devotion to Me.









gauri sri-radhika devi


harih krsna prakirtitah


ekatvac ca tayoh saksad


iti gaura-harim viduh






The golden Goddess Radha is known by the name Gauri and the dark Lord Krsna

is known by the name Hari. Aware that both of them have combined, the wise call

Him as Gaurahari."









navadvipe tu tah sakhyo


bhakta-rupa-dharah priye


ekangam sri-gaura-harim


sevante satatam muda






"O beloved, assuming the forms of devotees the gopis will also take birth in

Navadvipa. With great happiness they will again and again serve Lord Gaurahari, who

is Radha and Krsna combined in a single form."









sri-mahadeva uvaca


gaurangam sac-cid-anandam, sarva-karana-karanam


vaca gadgadayanantam, tustava dharani-dharah






Lord Anantadeva, the upholder of the whole universe then with a chocked voice

full of ecstasy tried to satisfy the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Sri Gauranga

Mahaprabhu, the Supreme Cause of all Causes who possesses a transcendental eternal

form of truth, knowledge and bliss.









vrndavane navadvipe, bheda-buddhis ca yo narah


tam eva radhika-krsne, sri-gaurange paratmani


mac-chala-pata-nirbhinna-dehah so 'pi naradhamah


pacyate narake ghore, yavad ahuta-samplavam






Lord Shiva said: "With my trident I will cut into pieces anyone who thinks that

Vrindavana and Navadvipa are different, or that Radha-Krsna and Gauranga are

different, or that Lord Gauranga is not the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Such a

person is most degraded among human beings. He or she will burn in a terrible hell

until the time when the universe is flooded with water."









vistaran me nigaditah, sruto yah krsna isvarah


visvadau gaura-kantitvat, gaurangam vaisnavah viduh






Please hear attentively, I will describe in detail this most confidential secret. The

Supreme Isvara or Controller Lord Krishna who is the origin of everything is known

and worshiped by the learned Vaishnava devotees as Lord Gauranga, when He

accepts the golden complexion of Srimati Radhika.









paratmane namas tasmai, sarva-karana-hetave


adi-devaya gauraya, sac-cid-ananda-rupine






I offer my prostrated obeisances to Adideva, the Supreme Lord Sri Gauranga

Mahaprabhu who is the ultimate and original cause of all causes, the Paratma or

Supersoul of all living entities and who possesses a transcendental eternal form of

truth, knowledge and bliss.









gopi-sangam na capnoti, sri-gaura-caranad rte


tasmat tvam sarva-bhavena, sri-gauram bhaja sarvada






And to achieve the service and association of the gopis of Vrindavana the only

way is to worship the lotus feet of Lord Gauranga and chant His name. Therefore

Parvati, you should worship Lord Gauranga and chant His name constantly and with

sarva-bhava, full surrender, giving everything to Him.











sadhanena vina radham, krsnam prapsyanti niscitam






The person who is like a transcendental honeybee relishing the supreme

ambrosial nectar (makaranda) emanating from the divine lotus feet of Lord Gauranga

Mahaprabhu will most certainly without a doubt attain Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha

Krishna even without performing any sadhana-bhakti practice of bhakti-yoga.









radhika-vallabhah krsno, bhaktanam priya-kamyaya


srimad-gauranga-rupena, navadvipe virajate






The Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Krishna who is most dear to His

Supreme consort Srimati Radharani is situated in Navadvipa in His transcendental

combined form of Srimad Gauranga to fulfil the innermost desires of His most

intimate devotees.




End of Ananta-samhita quotes














<h4>Brahma-yamala tantra</h4>



athavaham dhara-dhamni


bhutva mad-bhakta-rupa-dhrk


mayayam ca bhavisyami


kalau sankirtanagame






Sometimes I personally appear on the surface of the world in the garb of a

devotee. Specifically, I appear as the son of Saci in Kali-yuga to start the sankirtana










gaurangam gaura-diptangam


pathet stotram krtanjalih


nanda-gopa-sutam caiva


namasyami gadagrajam






With great devotion and folded hands, one should recite the following prayer

before Lord Gauranga, whose limbs are as effulgent as molten gold: 'I offer my

respectful obeisances to Lord Gauranga-Krsna, the son of the Nanda Maharaja and the

elder brother of Gada.









kalau prathama-sandhyayam




bhavisyati navadvipe


saci-garbhe janardanah






In the first sandhya of Kali-yuga, Lord Krsna will appear in Navadvipa, in

Sacidevi's womb. In that incarnation He will teach the chanting of Lord Hari's holy
















anyavatara bahavah


sarve sadharana matah


kalau krsnavataras tu


gudhah sannyasa-vesa-dhrk






Lord Krsna descends to the world in many different forms. However in Kali-

yuga, His incarnation is hidden. At that time He appears disguised as a sannyasi.












<h4>Kapila tantra</h4>



kvacit sapi krsnam aha


srnu mad-vacanam priya


bhavata ca sahaikatmyam


icchami bhavitum prabho




mama bhavanvitam rupam












rupam ekam pradarsaya


srutva tu preyasi-vakyam






svecchayasid yatha purvam


utsahena jagad-guruh




hy acintya-sakti-yogatah






murtim ekam prakasayan


svapne tu darsayam asa


radhikayai svayam prabhuh






Then Sri Radha said to Lord Krsna: 'O beloved, please hear My words. I yearn to

become one with you. Please show a form where You and I embrace and Our two

bodies become one, a form filled with the love I bear for You, a form filled with

auspicious and blissful pastimes, a form that brings bliss to the heart, a form that

unites Our two natures.'




Hearing His beloved's words, which were filled with joy and love, Lord Krsna

passionately embraced Her. Then by the touch of His inconceivable potency Their

two forms joined and became one, a single form endowed with Sri Radha's divine

love and glorious splendor. In a dream Lord Krsna showed all this to Sri Radha.












<h4>Krsna-yamala tantra</h4>



aham purno bhavisyami


yuga-sandhau visesatah


mayapure navadvipe


varam ekam saci-sutah






During the first sandhya of Kali-yuga I will descend, with all My powers and

glories, to Mayapura in Navadvipa and become the son of Sacidevi.









punya-ksetre navadvipe


bhavisyami saci-sutah






I shall appear in the holy land of Navadvipa as the son of Sacidevi.









iti matva krpa-sindhur


amsena krpaya harih


prasanno bhakta-rupena


kalav avatarisyati






Thinking in this way, Lord Krsna, who is an ocean of mercy, mercifully decided

to appear as a devotee in Kali-yuga.









gauranga nada gambhirah


svanamamrta lalasah


dayaluh kirtana grahi


bhavisyati saci-sutah






Merciful Lord Gauranga, who has a deep voice, will appear as the son of

Sacidevi. He is eager to taste the nectar of His own names and thus engages in

chanting them. {Krsna-yamala tantra 64}









matva tvanmayam atmanam


pathan dvayaksaram ucyate


gata trapo madonmatto


gaja vad vicarisyati






He (Krsna) will consider Himself as You (Radha). In this mood He will loudly

recite two syllables, krs-na, and being shamelessly intoxicated He will wander like an

elephant. {Krsna-yamala tantra 65}









bhuvani prapte tu govindas


caitanyakhyo bhavisyati


ansena bhuvi yasyanti


tatra tat purvaparsada






When Lord Govinda appears on earth, He will be known as Caitanya. At that

time His associates also appear on earth in their expansions. (Krsna-yamala tantra 66)












<h4>Urdhvamnaya tantra</h4>



kalau purandarat sacyam


gaura-rupo vibhu smrtah






In Kali-yuga I will appear in a golden form as the son of Purandara and Sacidevi.









navadvipa-samam sthanam


sri-gauranga-samah prabhuh


krsna-prema-sama praptir


nasti durge kadacana






O Durga, no place in the creation is equal to Navadvipa, no master is as merciful

as Lord Sri Gauranga, and no attainment in the whole world is equal to pure love for













<h4>Visnu-yamala tantra</h4>



krsna-caitanya-namna ye


kirttayanti sakrnnarah


nanaparadha-muktas te


punanti sakalam jagat






A person who even once chants the name of Krsna Caitanya becomes free from

all offenses and purifies the whole universe.















kaleh prathama-sandhyayam


gaurango 'sau mahi-tale


bhagirathi-tate ramye


bhavisyati sanatanah






In the first sandhya of Kali-yuga, on the earth, by the beautiful shore of the

Ganges, the Lord will appear in His eternal golden form.

















**Other direct references are found in the Visvasara tantra, Kularnava tantra,

Brahma-rahasya, and Visnu-yamala. Besides these there are complete chapters about

Sri Caitanya's incarnation in the Vayu Purana and Bhavisya Purana, which are too

long to quote here. Also there is a text by the name Caitanya Upanisad within the

Atharva Veda, which explains the Lord's incarnation in Kali-yuga. I have not cited it

here, as it was rediscovered in recent times, so some people will reject its authenticity,

or at least its value as evidence.




Sri Caitanya's incarnation was a hidden incarnation, thus He buried references to

His appearance deep within the ocean of Vedic texts. His desire was that His disguise

would not be betrayed, so He made sure these references would remain hidden until

after His incarnation was complete. These texts were always present, but by the

inconceivable yoga-maya of the Lord, He covered His true identity even from the

Vedic scholars and panditas. Only the pure devotees understood His actual identity.















<font color="green"><font size="4">Compilations</font>

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu predicted

The Pancha Tattva

Mahaprabhu Sata-Nama








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