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We are the people our parents warned us about.

God wants spiritual fruits, not religious nuts.

Don't Follow me I am LOST!!!

Women are born leaders, LOOK you are following one now!

Bill Clinton 99% Fact Free

Yesterday I knew nothing, today I know that.

Doctor's say I have a multiple personality, but we don't agree with that.

If you can read this, I can slam on my brakes and sue you.

"It is Mind over Matter... If you ain't go no mind... It don't Matter"

I may be slow but I'm in front of you.

DANGER: I drive like you do!

Please don't hit me I'm a pedestrian trapped in a car.

Study long study wrong.

My karma ran over my dogma.

I tried being normal once. . .I didn't like it.

Minds are like parachutes--they only function when open.

Everything Is Somewhere.

I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not sure...

I love cats.....they taste just like chicken.

I was an atheist until I realized I was GOD.

I left the womb for this

The more I learn, the less I understand.

I got this car for my wife...not a bad trade.

All generalizations are false.

I get enough exercise just pushing my luck!

Sometimes I wake up grumpy, Other times I let her sleep!!

I took an IQ test and the results were negative

When there's a will, I want to be in it!

Live long enough to be a problem to your kids.

I'm objective, I object to everything.

Life is a terminal disease.

Do not believe in miracles - rely on them.

Believe in Darwin, cancer cures smoking.


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