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Some reasons for a devotional website

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1) The foremost and obvious point is to preach. The powerful point here is that you cannot rationally underestimate the influence and potency of the greatest spiritual minds in history - ie. Krsna, Narada, Vyasadeva, Prabhupada and others - to be made available to every individual within the comfort of their own homes at any time day or night. There are other individuals who also have figured this out and have their own websites with spiritual literatures.


2) If we are souls and have a spiritual purpose to fulfill in our lives (and if the words and scriptures of spiritual authorities are as important as food itself to fulfill that purpose), then by all means they should be made available without trying to exploit the scriptures and spiritual teachings for proprietorship and profit. (I personally think ISKCON has had 25 years to spread Krsna Consciousness according to Prabhupada's wishes and failed. Now there are certainly many sincere individuals and impressive success stories, but as a whole ISKCON and it's preaching have atrophied compared to Prabhupada's standards. Surely, a different approach which does not supplant the original efforts is warranted).


3) With little expense and some effort based on the efforts and precepts of spiritual masters before, a detailed and consistent platform can be presented to the masses which covers many if not all of the ideas and dogma that cripple people's thinking. The idea is to tear down and address material concepts and ideas and supplant them with Prabhupada or Vedic literature. This website effort is consistent with using technology or God's external energy for spiritual purposes. Now think of the comparison between a few devotees preaching from their bodies and the ability of a comprehensive website containing the direct words of the greatest spiritual authorities to 'simultaneously' reach around the world. The only comparison may have been Prabhupada in my opinion. But does anybody believe there exist another Prabhupada?


4) This website could provide 'proof' for many individuals. Karmis seeing the extent and quality of Vedic literature might be convinced that it must come from a higher realm. At least this site could create significant doubts in the blind faith of dogmatic material ideas.


5) A most important perspective of all this is advertising. Anyone with a spiritual website should actually advertise their website with sophisticated marketing methods if needed. Boldly claim to the world the glory of an infinite God and the futility of their bodily ideas. Put ads in newspapers, radio and television! We as vaisnavas have the only comprehensive answers (not superficial ones) and can categorically refute any mundane arguments with logic, reason and unwavering faith. Let the truth be known!


6) This kind of presentation can offset the sometimes negative result of preaching efforts in which simply two egos are the issue.


7) This website or others, having established theistic faith and knowledge in various individuals, might slowly transform the planet. It could ultimately only assist and help individual preaching efforts with people of interest coming to authorities for association and guidance. Ultimately, all knowledge and activity comes down to people or persons. And various authorities and preachers might become increasingly 'in demand' by the masses.

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While I agree that the message needs to be promoted in amanner more sympathetic to the cultures it is adressing, I am not sure that excludes ISKCON from what they have achieved and will continue to do.


It seems clear a new approach with new blood would unleach the ministry to many more people rather than all the gurus attemping to drink from the same well of devotees as we see happening now.


A conservative, yet western approach. Would it be such a bad thing if people were not put off by devotees at fist glance and instead hung in to hear them out. or how about more community servies to build trust among outsiders so they can comfortably soak in the KC philosophy.


Many Americans feel that KC devotees are weird dressers and always trying to sell them something. However you view that, it is certainly not helpful to establishing a long term basis for growth.


Is the message that we wear Indian clothes and will not adapt to western ways although we glady take their money, or is it to increase the ministry and give more poeple a chance to objectively view the KC philosphy?


The answer chosen will dictate the future of the movement in the west



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Hare Krsna! Ethos here. Nice to hear from you again. My login and such is screwed up.


I unequivocally agree with what you say in the first line. My heart and sentiments are mostly with ISKCON because I consider it as an extention of Prabhupada's body. However, I am not blind to their faults such as the elephant offenses of changing Prabhupada's established words. And the many other things as well.


I challenge… what ISKCON has achieved compared to what Prabhupada achieved? We have practically seen ISKCON falter and atrophy after Prabhupada's departure. Obviously, now in retrospect one can easily surmise he was more than all of us put together. So what is ISKCON without it's heart and soul? Has anyone been able to sustain the potency and magic of the Prabhupada days? We have so many sophisticaed answers but no common sense. Would you like to justify ISKCON at present to Prabhupada?


Still I haven't lost hope. I'm just more pessimistic than optomistic (at the present situation).


There have been isolated successes such as the Vedabase cd, powerful preaching by individuals, some development projects and so on since Prabhupada left. But since none of this compares to what Prabhupada did or would have done if he haddn't of left untimely, why give 'ISKCON' so much credit?


It really is not ISKCON per se, it is Prabhupada! And it always has been.


I was living in the Atlanta temple for a few months (AWOL from the Marine Corp) when Prabhupada left the planet. And I've been in and out and on the fringes for years.


I can say this about why 'people' may take devotees cheaply. During my experience in ISKCON, almost everywhere I went, I saw devotees scamming the public. There was always this 'pretext' for distributing Krsna Conscious literature rather than presenting it on merit. And the 'public' felt cheated in retrospect.They noticed the duplicity of the devotees!


I believe in ISKCON and I believe it has the potential to rectify the world. Still, it has some serious imperialistic ideas and blind adherence to dogma of etiquette rather than substance. And ISKCON can fail! If the leadership doesn't become a little more introspective of their qualifications and devotional service to Prabhupada, if they don't feel more sensitivity and empathy for the congregation, then they will fail!


Who knows in what context the prophecies are to be fulfilled? What does every town and village mean? For all we know, every town and village could mean the only remaining three after a nuclear war. Prabhupada's books may be revered by more serious people who faithfully propagate them. Who knows? Do you?


Ps: I am working with ISKCON authorities on some of their projects because I still believe in the fundamental basis of ISKCON's existence.

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Well, you're a lot closer to it all than me.I guess you drive home a good point about the isolated successes. I couldnt agree more about the "shuck and jive" devotees hustling people for books and that sadly still happens.


I was on the east coast in the spring and in Times Square, Phily and New Jersey i witnessed the old fashion devotee scam of "book distribution" I agree, poeple are turned off by it.


I know of temples that send out the prettier young female devotees with a "security" male to do airport book distribution, which is a two bit hustle by anybodys standards.


Having said that, I hear the words of the scriptures loud and clear and firmly worship Krsna and Srila P without hesitation. Its the organization I distrust, not the message.


I guess I'm just a little sad it has turned out that way.

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