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Depp: LSD for Osama, not Bombs

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Here's something innovative, refreshing & peaceful to boot.

practically Karma-free, with devotees 2 b made guarantee...

Depp: We Should Have Dropped LSD on Bin Laden


Offbeat actor JOHNNY DEPP knows exactly how he would have dealt with war in Afghanistan - drop LSD on OSAMA BIN LADEN and his fellow terrorists.


EDWARD SCISSORHANDS star says psychedelic drug would have helped American military achieve their objectives in tattered country.


He says, "I think they should have saturated Afghanistan with liquid LSD and gotten everybody goofed out of their minds and then sent our military in dressed as TELETUBBIES.


Katzenberg's only real competition comes from his former employer, Disney, which is waging an almost equally aggressive campaign of its own on behalf of another huge animated hit, "Monsters Inc."


"At that point they would have just cleared in right out. And bin Laden would have been in eight-inch high heels with, you know, a blond wig, singing THESE BOOTS AREN'T MADE FOR WALKING."

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Irreverend (as expected) from Johnnie, but then hilarious as hell when I saw "Teletubbies". Maybe it is time to laugh. But I must admit, my concern and disgust for the world has not dissipated much since that day in NY. Thanks for the laugh, Tarun.

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