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How to satisfy inner conflict?

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Though the question seems quite challenging and is very difficult to answer and to find solution for the same too but then too what is to be done to satisfy hither and tither thouhgts that used to come in mind in us, the materialists. I find it very much difficult even to concentrate on while reading Bhagavad Gita for one minute...Mind just want to escape and goes in chaos quite often.

kindly share your experiences and solutions or tips for the same.


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Aum Shree-Vishnave Namah


The mind, is such an enigmatic 'phenomena', (or is it)to say the least, that, it is very hard to fathom the 'hidden ego', that always keeps one away from the God. It is so subtle that even grat personalities, sometimes, might find themselves a puppet of their own ego.


Your question itself shows that you have started watching your mind. Congratulations! Thank Krishn for that.


Our ancient Yogies and Rushies, and those who have been living in 'Samadhi' avasthya, secluded in Himalay and other Solitary peaks, have succesfully controlled their mind.


And when you surrender unto the God and Love then teaches you, you simply give up your mind (that never belongs to you) to the God, you drop all your doubts, desires, wishes, dreams everything on the feet of Krishn.


Look, the difference between a jiva and an Atma is that subtle mind. Atma is a pure self, part of the Pure, Krishn, and jiva is that combination of Nirgun atama and conditioned mind.


If you want to avoid your mind, you may


-practice some pranayama and quiten your breathing cycle before 'Gitadarshan'


-simply concentrate in the eyes of an idol or a Photograph of Krish or Radha, for time necessary, this would quiten the thoughflow and Monkeyness of mind,


-Basically onr's food also affects one's mind and thoughts, satvic food would certainly help in controlling the mind,


-wearing confortable garments also makes sure good blood-flow within the body, may help you


-atmosphere around your place, where you do Gitadarshan, serene, neat place, where no dialogue of any disturbance to any senses is going on


-you can imagine yourself bowing down to the Vitatswarupa or other such form of the God, here Bhava i.e. emotion and feelings are very important, being in maya (Illusion), you believe it (your body, belongings etc.)to be true, so there should not be any problem in believing a Reality to be true!


-you can also adopt a good posture, neither too loose not too stiff,


-and one thing more, as you read a verse, try to picturize the meaning of it.... Suppose the verse describes the holy attire of Sri Krishn, like his smooth Pitambara, a peacock-feather over his Crown etc., imagine how Arjuna must have felt when he opened his heart to his friend Krishn, imagine all these, feel it with full sincerity. This may help. Its the Love for the God that matters and nothing else.


These have just been a few suggestions, that the God has taught me. You may practice them. Please forgive me if anything hurts the reader.


And the best suggestion is to simply request the Krishn himself, residing in the deepest cave of your heart, to help you concentrate and surrender unto his Lotus feet and have loving faith in our Father.


May Krishn Bless you.


Hari Aum Tat Sat




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