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Kurma Nadi?

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I have a question I'm hoping someone will be able to answer.


I've been a fan of Sadhguru for quite some time and one of his Youtube videos mentioned the Kurma nadi. I was fascinated and intrigued that he mentioned that there are ways to follow the "very breath itself" as opposed to the more common method taught of focusing upon the sensations produced by breathing. This was the first I had ever heard of anyone making such a distinction and I became fascinated with the idea if I could perhaps find a way to practice this Yoga method of focusing on the breath itself and it leading to the Kurma nadi.


Unfortunately all my search attempts on the web to find the location of this Kurma nadi and a yoga exercise one can do to follow one's actual breath instead of breath sensations have been a bust.


I'm hoping someone here can fill me in on this or at least direct me to a resource I can use for this method.


I'd be very appreciative of any information, exericises, etc anyone can give.




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Guest ResonanceShah

Hi Hamster,


To be very honest, when I read your post I was wondering whether this is posted by me only long back and have forgotten about it as the choice of words and everything seems exactly like how I would have framed this question and yes I was also intrigued by this same question after watching Sadhgurus video. I got lucky to be able to ask him this question during his dialogue with Prasoon Joshi in Mumbai. As a audience I was able to ask him this question. 


So my question was that u are breathing into the lungs so if you trace your breath you come into the lungs. He corrected that by breath he meant prana and not the physical breath. You need to focus on the interaction of the prana with the world at large. Upon further looking online I found that the kurma nadi is located 1" below the pit of the throat where there is a slight protrusion. Focusing on this will bring about serenity. Its like a hollow tube at that point. 


Hope this was of some help. 


Good Luck


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