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What is the Importance of lighting diya?

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I wanted to know what is the SPIRITUAL significance of lighting diya?

What are the material and spiritual benefits accrued by lighting diya


Also what is the signifiance of lighting a TIL diya and a MUSTARD oil diya ?



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Observe the shape of a flame of a Diya. When something burns, it heats up the surrounded air. The hot air goes up. To take place, the cold air ghushes there. This creates a sort of upward flow. It is believed that when a prayer or reciting of mantra is performed near a Diya, the vibrations are easily carried up with the hot air upward current. Some people believe that different fuels create different kind of freqauencies when burnt.


It is also believed that this upward current gets connected with the huge reservoir of Mantra vibrations already present in the ether. Because of this connection, the sadhaka gets backup of the collection of vibrations created by others and can get manifold benefits of Mantra recited by him.


It is said that Ghee made up from Cow Milk, when burnt through a Diya, creates very effective bridge with the vibrations in ether. I am not very sure whether, some scientific research has ever beeen conducted to verify this.

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