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shrImadharikathAmR^itasAra - by Sri SGP CHAR - HKAS_05-36

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nadiya jala nadigereva teradaM

dadali bhagavaddatta kaRmaga

LudadhishayananigaRpisuta vyAvaRta nInAgi


gadale mADuta daRviyaMdadi

padumanAbhana sakala kaRmagaLalli nenevutiru....HKAS_05-36


nadiya jala = river water

nadigereva teradaMdadali = offering as aRghya to the river itself

bhagavaddatta = whatever is given by ParamAtma

kaRmagaLu = kaRma-s performed through our iMdriya-s in our dEha

udadhishayananige = ParamAtma lying on the xIra samudra (PadmanAbha ParamAtma)

aRpisuta = offering it to Him

vyAvaRtanAgi = forgetting (ahaM,mama..) that all kaRma-s have been done by you

nI = you

vidhi = kaRma-s one is supposed to do or perform as per shAstra-s

niShEdha = kaRma-s not supposed to be done

AdigaLige = and the net of other kaRma-s

oLagAgadale = without getting trapped

daRviyaMdadi = remaining unattached like a spoon

mADuta = performing with a feeling that you are dependent on Him

padumanAbhana = PadmanAbha ParamAtma

sakala kaRmagaLalli = that all kaRma-s are done by ParamAtma and makes the jIva do the same

nenevutiru = meditate so


JagannAtha dAsa explains about saRva kaRma samaRpaNe with two beautiful examples.




When we visit the river side, we offer aRghya to sURyAMtaRyAmi tEjO rUpi ParamAtma by cupping our two palms using the river water itself and giving it back to the river and we obtain the puNya phala of performing the anhIka.

Saint PuraMdara dAsa says,

kereya nIranu kerege chelli varava paDedavaMte kaNirO |

hariya karuNadoLada bhAgyava hari samaRpaNemADi badukirO ||


All the bhOga and bhAgya are under His control and is given to us by Him. We offer the same to Him.

" tEna taktEna bhuMjItA "   says IshAvAsyOpanishad.


The dhaRma-s or tasks that we perform everyday according to our vaRNa and Ashrama are all initiated by ParamAtma. Thus all the kaRma-s (sukaRma-s and dushkaRma-s) being performed by the iMdriya-s of our sthUla dEha are performed by the initiation of ParamAtma according to our anAdi kaRma and as per our yOgyata.


ParamAtma causes all the dhaRma and kaRma to happen. He is the Inititiator and Stimulator. Here the river water is the example of his kindness. The kindness showered by Him on us is being offered at His Lotus Feet meaning saRva kaRma samaRpaNe.


By pervading in the jIva-s, ParamAtma performs the puNya kaRma-s through tatvAbhimAni dEvata-s and the duShkaRma-s through daitya-s via vAyu dEvaru in the iMdriya-s makes us perform the same and He bestows the puNya phala or pApa phala arising out of this to the jIva.




While performing yaj~na-s we use a wooden spoon called 'daRvi' to offer oblation to agni dEvata. In the same way, we use a large spoon for preparing and serving food. These spoons act according to the direction of the user by the job is done by the spoon. The 'daRvi' does not recognize the taste of the food that is why it remains unattached.


In the same, ParamAtma provides the power of ichChA, j~nAna and kriya to the jIva which are the svarUpa laxaNa-s. But the jIva is not independent. jIva has not obtained the power of ichChA, j~nAna and kriya on its own. Only if they are stimulated by ParamAtma do they get activated. But the jIva is different from jaDa. jaDa-s do not have power of ichChA, j~nAna and kriya.


However, jIva is parAdhIna kaRta. 'jIvOpikaRta',  the pratibiMba does as stimulated by biMba rUpi ParamAtma. If we forget that we are the kaRta-s (doers) of all kaRma-s and believe that He is the Initiator of all kaRma-s, then the pApa or puNya phala borne out of those actions do not affect the jIva.


'vidhi' meaning certain kaRma-s we ought to perform as per shAstra and 'niShEdha' not doing certain forbidden kaRma-s. puNya is obtained by the performance of 'vidhi' and papa is accumulated by the performance of 'niShEdha'.


However, if the jIva does every kaRma with the knowledge that the xIra samudra shAyi PadmanAbha rUpi ParamAtma is the Initiator for all kaRma-s then the jIva is truly 'daRviyaMtiru'.



shrI kR^ishNArpanamastu

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