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Yoga and its manifest

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Dear Respected Astrologers,


I am just start learning Astrology. I will be really appreciated if you could interpret my yogas. I have quite a few yogas in my chart. They mostly involve Mercury, Venus, and Saturn. I doubt that many of them will take effect at all. This is because:



  • My Yogakaraka Saturn, though exalted, is conjunct with Mars in Libra Lagna.


  • The Lagna Lord Venus is combusted (Sun in 9th)and conjunct with Mercury (9L/12L) in 10th House (an enemy house).

  • Venus is debilitated in Navamsa.


Could you please throw some lights on this. Thank you.


DOB: 15 July 1984

POB: Bangkok, Thailand

TOB: 14.11

Sex: M


Best Regards,



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