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How similar is the conscious trance to samadhi?

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no , samadhi and out of body experiences are not actually similar .


OOBE is where your center of consciousness lies outside of your physical body for a certain period of time . but there is no qualitative change in consciousness . for example if you are a strong materialistic person you remain one in OOBE experience . but as you consciousness lies outside your physical body , it appears dead to most perceptions .


but in samadhi (both savikalpa and nirvikalpa) there is a qualitative change in consciousness . here , it must be noted and understood that consciousness , in its true form is pure and one . but to realise that original state in called samdhi . here you also reach a superconscious plane but that is due to god realization . in nirvikalpa it is reaching a complete stage - the end of everthing( everything as according to material earth) .



a person who's mind is polluted with material thoughts can enter into OOBE but such a person doesnt have the slightest chance to enter into samadhi .


they are not linked together...

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