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Reference Please for YazcAyam asmin AkAze..

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Namaste. Would be very grateful for citation and full sloka + corrections to the following:


YazcAyam asmin Akaze tejomayah amrtamayah puruSah sarvAnubhuh


YazcAyam asmin Atmani tejomayah amrtamayah puruSah sarvanubhuh



Any good commentaries?


I should be grateful for a succinct translation for a friend, that encompasses the concept of the pervading universal Akasha, the individual "embodying" the Universe, and the relative nature of the boundaries between self & the other


This chidghana Akasha within me whose tattva is shabda pervades as jyotirmaya, tejomayah amrtamayah all reality sat, cit


This apparently discrete consciousness within me similarly pervades all reality as the radiant, potent, indestructible ground.


How to make a more comprehensible translation - without writing an essay- that conveys accurately the core concepts of Akasha, Universe an extension of "self" & vice versa, coterminous, with respect to Akasha, Prana, Atman?


Please correct my errors.


2) Any good translations of Abhinavagupta Paratrimshika, Paratrishika, Paratrishikalaghuvrtti in English or Hindi? OK to follow, but not want to miss every nuance.


Thank you.

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