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please advise

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I am beginning to learn astrology but am confused over a few issues in my chart.

15/jun/89; 03.50am, chennai - these r my birth details.

am worried abt the debilitated mars which is the lord of 7th, and my yogakaraka saturn is placed in 8th! the 4th house has ketu and a the most malefic planet(functionally), the jupiter, is placed in lagna.

i hv many debilitations in my navamsa, except an exalted jupter.

i am sincerely seeking advise on marriage prospects, education and health.

secondarily, i'd also like to know if am lucky for my parents? will i make them proud by leading a good family?

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swati i am into mordern astrology dis brugusanhita written 10,000yrs before during time of satyug... as i have seen soo many horoscope of multi millionair didnt find gajkesari yoga or laxmi yoga (chandra guru n chandra mangal combination) in major cases didnt found panch mahapurush yoga ...even some industralist have got saturn in 8th house imagine???

majorly i see dey have planted in debilated position (nicha rashi) owner of kendra placed in trikona or trikona planet place in kendra ... so dont get worried abt dat ..

more den 2 debilated planet in kudli i hv seen person earn a lot ... but do take care of ur health smal small problem u may suffer




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furthermore most of astrologer make u scare regarding debilated planet ..me i am not astrologer but i did study a lot

if u go to any astrologer wid kundli of dhirubhai ambani or bill gates (if he hasnt read dat kundli before) if u start asking i dont hv money health issue ..they keep critize ur kunldi ... they r even partly correct as in any kunldi u ll find bad yoga or elements

so every -ve planet has even positive point even every powerfull plant has -ve point ... if saturn is powerfull in 10th house .. i hv seen early death of father or his/her mother you see

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@goldie: thanks. i am suffering health issues, u were right and things dont seem to be progressing too well in the studies front either. i can rate myself of high intelligence, but my physical stamina suffers.


i ws worried particularly of these issues: iwould greatly appreciate and be thankful if somebody could clarify these:

1) guru is a functional malefic and is placed in lagna. should i consider his aspect on the 7th house as beneficial? or will tat cause trouble because guru is afunctional malefic for my lagna.

2) lord of 7th is debilitated. should i be worried? wen will i get married?

navamsa lord 7th,moon, is positioned in 12th house. i have a boy in mind- will things settle?

3)my yogakaraka is positioned in a dusthana. i.e, lord of 9 and 10 in the 8th house. is that making me unlucky?

4)ketu in 4th and rahu in 10th. bith house of education and career. is it causing a malefic influence? is it going to be difficult to find a job?

5)lord of five, mercury, is in lagna. my second house has lagnadhipathi venus and sun. is it makig me impotent? will there be a delay in childbirth. i also suffer from polycystic ovaries. and insulin resistance. am extremely worried about this. please help. my navamsa lagna is makara, and mercury is debilitated in navamasa, though (in conjunction) in meena with an exalted venus.

6) am running guru dasha and will start with 7.5 sani in a few months. wat necessary precautions would u suggest? will this delay my marrige or educational prospects?

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ahahah swati u say 10 rahu is malefic????? in kalyug its stongest house of rahu is 10th not even 3rd or 6th .... swati i have not done much study regarding health astrology to be honest wid u

but i have been observe if only guru wid no other planet place in kendra dat gives sharp brain and i can see ur 1989 born n blessed wid dis knowledge its all due to guru n rahu ..u have asked soo many question in one go dats shows ur power of jupiter well placed in lagna

further more lord of 9th n 10th placed in 8th house thats shows u ll gain due to inheritance even u ll get sucess if settle in abroad if u stay in native FOR SURE give u bad luck

i think u start praying of lord sun ..sun is soul power guru will give u unnecery junk in ur mind ... i have seen people who under born in strong jupiter they think a lot say in business if ur supplier earning a bit more den u ..u cant digest dat amount instead of smooth function of business u start quaraling wid him .never ever luk wat person gain from u just luk wat u gain from others dis guru mantra i m telling you

start praying sun or wear ruby even its gud for ur health n boost of ur soul power ... again ur horoscope is like dat ur over over over inteligent personality even its draw back of ur horoscope if person is over inteligent they think a lot n every prons n cons end of it they do nothing dats why i suggest u wear ruby think wats ur heart says if ur going to take major decesion of ur life

and i dont read old old ancient book so my prediction must be diff from other ... i have read few book its not like dat to get basic knowledge mainly i study people horoscope ..study his attidute his past his nature n all why he is like dat why he has got bad luck or good luck i study astrology like hidrogen plus oxigen is water dont belive i m dat practical not like wat people says wat book says

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