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Please Help - Knee Problems

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Dear Learned Astrologers,


I am undergoing some chronic knee problems since dec 2006. I had my first left knee pain in around dec 2006. I have had many xrays done as well as MRIs, as well as have seen an orthopedic and a knee specialist. My xrays, and MRIs did not show any ailment and the doctors were not able to figure out the reason behind my knee pain.

Just when I adjusted to my left knee pain, I developed the pain in my right knee around dec 2008. I don't have regular knee pain but it comes and goes occasionally and drains me out of energy. I am only 20 years old and I feel really frustrated by it since i feel energyless following the pain. My birth details follow:


DOB: September 29, 1988

TOB: 12:35am

POB: Karachi, Pakistan


Kindly, look into this as I am very frustrated since last 2 years and I would like to know if I will recover from this problem. Why is it not being diagnosed...I feel very helpless please help me thankyou. :)


Sara Khan.

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namaste sara khan,


here in your chart we can use tara dasa,


your problem as well as mercury MD saturn AD started from 11/nov/2006 and it lasts upto 20/july/2009


Rasi chart:

9th house is the lord of a11, a6 and AL (here we are concerned only in disease), the lord of the 9th house saturn is in 7th house having graha drishti on 9th house.



Saturn is the 6th lord (debilated, that's good) in 9th house with mercury and also with a6 and AL



here the saturn is the lord of a6 and it is with mercury and also with a8.


so, from rasi chart we can tell that you might have problem with vatta and since it is the lord of aquarius (b'cause this sign has a6) it may be possible he might have problems with knees, by seeing this from lagna he might have problems with hip and waist.


from d-6, the dasa mercury - saturn, the 6th lord had initiated some disease (since it has a6 and AL) in its period, since it is with mercury and debilated he might have vatta problem and from d -30 saturn is the lord of a6 and combines with a8, so there will be some struggle in this period.


taking oil bath on wednesday and saturday will be helpful to you (using perfume, applying oil will also be helpful), if possible observe fast on saturdays so that your marriage will not be delayed.

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Dear Surentharp ji,


I appreciate your generous reply to my thread. I see your predictions are actually quite accurate. You are right about trouble with waist/hip, I do have minor hip bone pain on my right back side. Its not very prominent however like the knee pain which has gotten me worried. So I should expect some positive results on the health front following July 2009? I will start to take oil baths starting this week as well as fast.


What do you mean I will have a delay in marriage? I think you are also correct about that because I had a proposal in July 2007 which was almost materialised but we had to call it off because of some complications. Do you recommend me going for love marriage? Because at present there is this guy who claims to be in love wth me but I dont easily believe him and have not made any commitments what so ever. My mom feels I should atleast get to know him, however I have always had problems trusting guys. So what do you predict in terms of my marriage and relationship front. I am fine with arranged marriage also, I dont desperately feel the need to be involved in a relationship however I would definitely want to establish myself. Sir, do you see all that happening?


I promise this will be my last question, and I am already beginning to strongly trust your predictions. Thank you very much.


Sara Khan

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