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Does this Vashikaran Mantra Work?plz help

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Om ek namak ramta mata,doosra namak virah se aata,teesra namak auree boree

chhauta namak rahe kar jori,yeh namak amuk jo khaye,amuk ko chhod doosra nahin jave

duhaai pir auliya ki,jo kahe so sune jo maange so dey,duhaai gaura parvati ki

duhaai kamakhya devi ki,duhaai guru gorokhnaath ki.

Recite 1008 times for siddhi.After that recite seven times on salt and give to the desired person mixed in some eatables.Take the name of the person in the place of

“amuk”.The person will be subjected to vashikaran.

Recite 1008 times in one day for siddhi.After that

recite 7 times on salt. In the place of first “amuk”

take the name of the person.In the place of the

second “amuk”(amuk ko chhod)take your own name.


Does this work?plz help me

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No, this mantra is what we call a Vashikaran Saaber/Saber mantra from the Nath tradition. This kind of mantra is long and not effective. You also have to do other procedures when using this mantras.


You better use a simple Tantrik Vashikaran mantra.

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