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Neechbhanga & Vargottam

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Hi Bhaaskaran ji,


What will be the result for the person dusring:


Vimsottari Dasa (started from Moon):


Ven MD: 2004-04-16 (10:03:15) - 2024-04-16 (13:05:11)

Moon AD: 2008-08-19 (10:35:43) - 2010-04-16 (22:57:43)

Moon PD: 2008-08-19 (10:35:43) - 2008-10-09 (18:12:10)

Jup SD: 2008-09-03 (13:07:00) - 2008-09-10 (10:00:12)

Jup PAD: 2008-09-03 (13:07:00) - 2008-09-04 (11:07:49)


Deha-antardasas in this PAD:


Jup: 2008-09-03 (13:07:00) - 2008-09-03 (16:03:08)



Warm Regards


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Good question Learned one,


I have not received a reply yet on a neecha planet having neech bahnga & vargottam.


I'm waiting patiently, if some learned one throws some light on the post.


Lets see if you get a reply for your post.


Warm Regards

Amit Nakai

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