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Kind Attn. Shri USRji and Deepaji

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Revered Shri USRji and Dear Deepaji,


Hi! This has got reference to my current phase of life for which both of you obliged me with your kind solutions. (In Dire Straits dated 29-05-2008)

Shri USRji, you had directed me to worship Godess Durga on every Friday, Lord Shani on every Saturday and Lord Rahu till 03/09.

Deepaji, in addition to Shri USRji, you prescribed me to wear a good emerald and a zircon.


I couldn’t wear an emerald because it is too expensive for me right now. But the rest I followed and the first sign of success was that my application for a passport for which I had been struggling for since a year had been accepted and I even cleared the verification.


But, my financial and work (career) condition remain unchanged. By Gods grace I got some ventures for my Interior Designing & Decoration Business in a month since I followed the remedies and among them three were as if I was bound to get the work orders.

The 1st one liked my quotation and was about to call me to place the order on me. But all of a sudden things shut down.

Much likely, the 2nd one liked my designs and quotation and even negotiated the prices and verbally confirmed the work and said that in a week he shall give me the advance to start the work. But I am still awaiting his call.

Now I am too afraid about the 3rd venture. The client liked my designs and I am quite confident about getting the work like I was in the above 2.


I don’t want to miss this project at all. I don’t know why it happens to me? If some one doesn’t like my designs, or quotation is rejected, it is fine, but why where after everything is 99% confirmed then I fall out of way?

:pray: Please Guide what should I do so that I may not miss this 3rd project at least.:pray:


I am giving my details below once again

Name: Rajiv Kejriwal

DOB: December 10, 1982 at 03:37 AM IST.

Place: Calcutta, India


“Tinka tinka jod ke main aashiyana banata hoon,

Tabhi hawa ghar ujaar kar jaati hai.

Kinare par bas pahuchne hi waali hoti hai jab,

Tabhi meri kashti doob jaati hai.”




Rajiv Kejriwal

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Revered Shri USRji,

Thank you for your valued reply.:)

I do worship Lord Shiva daily since many years now. Regarding Ruby, could you please specify other details as its weight, base metal to cast it on, and also if there is any perticular day to wear it. I cannot say when will I be able to wear the Ruby because as I told you I am not in a position to spend much right now.

I am pleased to know that I have an excellent future but when will this future become present. How much more will I have to bear? Please throw some more light.




Hi Deepaji.

Hope to hear from you too.



Rajiv Kejriwal.

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hi Rajiv,


The chart is superb actually. But end of Rahu dasha could really be bad. You are running rahu-mars which is a strong marakesh for your lagna. Rahu attacks surya - lord of income for you - therefore USR ji has correctly advised ruby, though i am of the opinion, that just focus on durga saptashati regularly or wear an 8-mukhi rudraksha to propitiate this last phase of rahu. do not get into any loans or litigations.


2009 will find you very comfortable!

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