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Can I buy a house - Please guide me

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Namaste all respected Gurujis,


I want to know is there any chance that I can own a house as per my chart... and also consider my husband's chart...On whose name should we buy a house for better prospects and which is the probable place as per our charts......

My details are:

DOB : 13-Jan-1981,

POB : Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh

TOB : 14:30 hrs


My husband's details are:

DOB : 29-Oct-1973,

POB : Bhubaneswar, Orissa,

TOB : 08:30 hrs


We are currently staying at Hyderabad and own house which is in the name of my Father-In-Law. and we are planning to buy a house..


Thanks a lot in advance.....


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Deepa Ji,

Please.....I thought i would get analysis from you as you are always available with your great analysis in this forum......



Please take a look all other respected gurujis....


We are planning to buy a houes.. and need your valuable guidance so that we can know, where, when , how we can buy it....



Awaiting your reply.....


Thanks a million in advance....


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Thank You Very much USR ji... for looking into my issue...


I wanted to know on whose name if we buy the house, would have happiness, peace of mind, health....On my name or my husband's name....


We are planning to buy on my name as I am eligible for home and all.....

Also, is there any particular direction r particular place where the chnaces of owning ahouse is possible for us...


please let me know how to proceed guruji....


Awaiting your valuable suggestion,


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Koonams ji,

Better the house is in your name.You are likely to get finances through legal claim from your parental properties or similar to that.Mostly in the south direction and close to your father's place.It can happen before the end of 2009.

Pray Ravi (Sun) regularly at the time of Sun rise.Wear a Ruby on the ring finger.

with best wishes,


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