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Need your help to get some success and to live my life

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My name is arul prakash.


D.O.B: 29.10.1977

TIME: 11:15 AM



I want to set up my own business.Till now i cannot start a plan for that as i cannot get my support of my family citing astrological reasons.Iam working for a minimal salary for name sake and because of it my marriage is getting delayed.I cannot settle down in a job.


Please tell some simple remedies to set up a succesful business of my own in my home town so that i can live with my parents.




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Sagittarius (Dhanu) rises in the Lagna and the Lagna Lord Jupiter is placed in 7th house. Apart from this, Mars, Sun and Venus are debilitated, Mercury is combust and Moon is in sixth house. Mahadasa of Mars was operational between Jan 1989 to Jan 1996 which might have caused numerous problems in Education, happiness to/from Parents and bad luck. Even health appears to be causing troubles on different issues quite off and on. Presently, you are running under Rahu/Venus till mid Aug 2010. I do not find it good to commence a business during such period because Rahu/Venus combination in 10th house may cause severe financial problems due to debts and disputes. The placement of Saturn in 9th house is another issue which causes obstructions and delays in fruitifications of results expected. If you feel that you can manage finance for the business at your own and without taking loan, then only you should think about it.


Did your father had severe problems related to debt and/or dispute?

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