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naughty Krsna

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Sometimes Krsna would enter the house of a neighbor, and if He found no one

there, He would release the calves before the time for the cows to be

milked. The calves are actually supposed to be released when their mothers

are milked, but Krsna would release them before that time, and naturally the

calves would drink all the milk from their mothers. When the cowherd men saw

this, they would chase Krsna and try to catch Him, saying, "Here is Krsna

doing mischief," but He would flee and enter another house, where He would

again devise some means to steal butter and curd. Then the cowherd men would

again try to capture Him, saying, "Here is the butter thief. Better capture

Him!" And they would be angry. But Krsna would simply smile, and they would

forget everything. Sometimes, in their presence, He would begin eating the

curd and butter. There was no need for Krsna to eat butter, since His belly

was always full, but He would try to eat it, or else He would break the pots

and distribute the contents to the monkeys. In this way, Krsna was always

engaged in mischief-making. If in any house He could not find any butter or

curd to steal, He would go into a room and agitate the small children

sleeping there by pinching them, and when they cried He would go away.


>>> Ref. VedaBase => SB 10.8.29

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