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My 3rd Posting Plse Help.......

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This is my 3rd posting on this forum.. Plse help me as i'm undergoing lot of mental pressure.



1) My career prospects..current company is not doing well, should i continue with the same job or is it right time to search for new one?


2) Marriage prospects: when will my marriage take place ? I'm seeing one person will i get married to the same person? My parents are against this match..


My details:


DOB: 27,Feb 1975

time : 1.30 AM

Place: Bangalore

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Guest guest

Dear friend,


Try world wide web dot astro dot com


It's free


For marriage compatibility, there are two free "partner" functions you can select when you choose a free horoscope. One is called Partner Profile

and the other is called Partner -Interactive


or something like that. One is a printout and one you click onto the composite chart and it tells you the strengths and weaknesses of the



I've found it to be very very helpful and extremely accurate.




For career and what will be happening in your life, the types of challenges

you'll be facing in relationships, you can check: Daily Horoscope and

Forecast. Forecast gives you trends happening within the next six months.





There is also a site astrojyoti dot com but it's alot more complicated and it takes alot longer. I'd say try the astro dot com first and then if you have alot of time you can check out astrojyoti.

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