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Relationships: Icons

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As I get up in the morning and look out of the window,

I am reminded of the Microsoft Windows operating system

of my computer.


As I sit at the dining table for my early morning cup of

coffee, I am reminded of Sun Microsystem's Java coffee cup.


If only I were reminded of Lord Krishna in the same way,

looking at things, with something of a Bharathi in me,

I could have been a far better person!


Have we ever stopped for a moment to think how many icons

we meet in our daily life? Virtual hieroglyphics haunt me,

taunt me, and control me like a friend, philospher and guide.


It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Perhaps an icon is worth a thousand pictures.


Icons everywhere! In petrol bunks, travel points like airports,

railway stations, bus shelters; shops, offices, hospitals;

traffic signs on the roadside; and the emoticons in my email!


Icons forcefully change the way I walk, talk, write and think.

The slew of technology that has permeated my daily life,

is gradually replacing the language, leading me slowly back to

the days of the hieroglyphics.


Idols are the icons of Godhood in Hinduism. Installed everywhere

in the Hindu world like the modern-day icons, they remind a Hindu

of his/her daily dharma.


When I need a plethora of icons for my daily life, is it not

sheer arrogance on my part to frown upon the people who use idols?

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